This section contains thoughts and ideas that either are to nebulous to place in other sections or haven't been formally added to the game yet.

General Notes

  • Do we need end of zone bosses?
  • Death - Leaning towards a simple getting kicked out of the area back to a town
  • Just weapons and armor, or should there be potions as well?
  • Potion Toxicity?


Each base tile is 32x32 pixels, so what should the Feet/Pixel scale be?

If 32x32 = 5', then one pixel = 0.15', so a 4' long sword would be about 26 pixels.

If 32x32 = 10', then one pixel = 0.31', so a 4' long sword would be about 13 pixels.


  • Skills affect what 'pieces' are available for techniques
  • Skill level affects the cost of using techniques
  • Skill trees?

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