Version 1 (Made By BrittalCroftFan)

  • Clark as Cat
  • Rayman as Dog
  • Murfy as Winslow
  • Reflux as Rancid Rabbit
  • Admiral Razorbeard as Cliff
  • Admiral Razorbeard's Lackey as Lube
  • Razorwife as Shriek
  • Ly The Fairy as Lola
  • Otto Psi and Gonzo as Mervis and Dunlap
  • Andre as Eddie
  • Betilla The Fairy as Tallulah
  • Dr Robotnik (from Wreck-it Ralph) as Mean Bob
  • Zangeif (from Wreck-it Ralph) as Randolph Grant
  • Uglette as Catdog's Mom
  • Globox as Catdog's Dad
  • Polokus as Mr Sunshine
  • Reflux (Monster Form) as Bessie The Lake Monster
  • Bowser (from Wreck-it Ralph) as Evil Eric
  • Clyde (from Wreck-it Ralph) as Mailman
  • Baby Globox as Biff
  • Umber as Cliff's Dad
  • and more

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