"I'm going away!'"

"Wait! Don't go! You are our only chance!"

"I don't wanna be a hero!"

"Please, Rayman, don't go! You don't need to be a hero, just don't leave me."

"Really? Umm, Okay."

Rayman and Betilla

Rayman Comic 1 is the first comic from the SailorRaybloomDZ.


Once upon a time at night, there was a girl named Ember who was sleeping with Bubble Dreamer. But suddenly, Bubble Dreamer begin to feel scared because he thought someone will come and get him but a girl named Betilla came to what happened to Bubble Dreamer and she told him to calm down. But Bubble Dreamer tells Betilla that their forest is on fire and everything is distroyed and the bad guys will trap the fairies, nymph, lums, electoons and everybody and no one can stop them. Then Betilla had an idea and she had to create a hero who will protect them from evil.

At Betilla's house, she grabbed paper, pencil and calcuator and she begin to do the calculations. After that, Betilla had finished and she went back to her sisters and tell them to get lots of lums. Soon the girls comes to bag the yellow lums and at last they all bag them. Betilla is just about to create a hero when she heard Holly Luya had lost the the lums in the bag where the zombie chickens took them away from her. Then Betilla tells the girls to take a rest and she had to create a hero.

One night, Betilla was create a hero and she can see what it works. Finally, the lums were all create a hero and a limbless came down onto the ground and Betilla gasped and shocked and she thought that the limbless was dead, but he isn't because he is alive and breathing. He had no arms and legs and he had no neck too. She moved his hair and see if he was okay. The limbless was scared he thought that Betilla will hurt him but she can't hurt him and told the limbless that he has no name and the limbless thinks Betilla is just a girl.

The next morning, Helena Handbasket woke Edith Up, Holly Luya and Annetta Fish and tells them that Betilla and the lums were gone. And Holy Luya is sad because she thought that Betilla is kidnapped by the zombie chickens but Edith Up doesn't think that Betilla is kidnapped by the zombie chickens because she is smart and strong and she is with Bubble Dreamer and that limbless. Then they had to go home to eat.

Betilla is so happy because the limbless looks perfect and then she named him Rayman. Rayman asks Betilla that she create him and he asked that she doesn't have family and friends, but Betilla does have her friends and she told Rayman that the forest is in danger and they need a hero who will protect them from all evil who wants to distroy their forest. This made Rayman very angry and he goes away because he doesn't want to be hero but Betilla tells Rayman not to go away and then Rayman is not going away from her. Suddeny, they heard a bad guy is called Mr. Dark. He throws the knails towards Betilla behind the tree. And Mr. Dark came closer to Rayman and he called him a rabbit but Rayman angryly punches Mr. Dark's face. Mr. Dark tells Rayman that he is smarter than he thought but he warns him and he is very dangerous! But Mr. Dark saw that Rayman doesn't have arms and legs.

Rayman tells Mr. Dark to let Betilla go because she is his friend but Mr. Dark wants Rayman to die. Rayman is about to attack Mr. Dark but he stopped him and he was about to kill Rayman and tells him that he has to say last words but just then the nymphs came to stop Mr. Dark and they attack him and Mr. Dark ran away. The girls came to see Betilla is okay and then thay saw Rayman and they hold him and they say Rayman is so cute which made him very scared because they about to eat him. Betilla stopped them and she made Edith Up angry with her that she created Rayman who doesn't care about them.

Poor Rayman is sad that he doesn't want to be hero and he knew it was all his fault. Rayman realized something and he tells Betilla that she is not a normal girl as he thought, she is peaceful creatures that like to sing, dance and so on, however she is weak against the bad guys like Mr. Dark. And then he tells the girls that they need someone strong, brave and friendly but he is not scared of the evil guys and they saved his life and he wants to protect them.

That night, Bubble Dreamer was sad that he will get a nightmare again but just then Rayman and Betilla arrived and Betilla has a surprise for Bubble Dreamer. Bubble Dreamer is very happy and he can't have nightmare because Rayman is here. And then he went to sleep in midnight and Rayman found lots of his friends and he is living with them till today also with Betilla.


  • Rayman
  • Betilla
  • Edith Up
  • Annetta Fish
  • Helena Handbasket
  • Holly Luya
  • Ember
  • Bubble Dreamer
  • Mr. Dark
  • Murfy (cameo)


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