Rayman/Thomas (Rayman the UbiSoft Characters)

  • Rayman as Thomas
  • Houndini as Edward
  • Clark as Henry
  • Globox as Gordon
  • Polokus as James
  • Murfy as Percy
  • LacMac as Toby
  • Joe as Duck
  • Teensies 1 and 2 as Donald and Douglas
  • The Musician as Oliver
  • Admiral Razorbeard as Diesel
  • Admiral Razorbeard's Lacky as Smudger
  • Ly The Fairy as Emily
  • Agent Ed (from Tonic Trouble) as Stepney
  • Ssssam The Snake as Toad
  • Uglette as Molly
  • Burk (from Tonic Trouble) as Murdoch
  • The Robot Dinosaur as Diesel 10
  • Count Razoff as Spencer


  • Rayman as Ten Cents
  • Globox as Big Mac
  • Houndini as OJ
  • Polokus as Top Hat
  • Clark as Warrior
  • LacMac as Hercules
  • Murfy as Sunshine
  • Agent Ed (from Tonic Trouble) as Grampus
  • The Judge (from Tonic Trouble) as Captain Star
  • Admiral Razorbeard as Zorran
  • Teensies 1 and 2 as Zip and Zug
  • Axel and Foutch as Zebedee and Zak
  • Grogh (from Tonic Trouble) as Captain Zero
  • Uglette as Lillie Lightship
  • Teensies 3 and 4 as Frank and Eddie
  • Ly The Fairy as Sally Seaplane
  • The Talking Elephant (from Tonic Trouble) as Lord Stinker
  • The Clerk (from Tonic Trouble) as Izzy Gomez
  • Admiral Razorbeard's Lackey and Grolem 13 as Burke and Blair
  • Count Razoff as Bluenose
  • Baby Globox 1 as Sea Rouge
  • Person 10 (from Tonic Trouble) as Sea Rouge's Uncle
  • Ninjaws as Nantucket
  • Reflux as Johnny Cuba
  • Bubble Dreamer as Old Rusty
  • and more

Rayman/Snow White (Ly White and The Seven Characters)

  • Ly The Fairy as Snow White
  • The General (from Tonic Trouble) as Prince Charming
  • Razorwife as The Evil Queen
  • Count Razoff as The Huntsman
  • Person 10 (from Tonic Trouble) as The Magic Mirror
  • Clark as Doc
  • Globox as Grumpy
  • Polokus as Happy
  • LacMac as Sleepy
  • Baby Globox 1 as Bashful
  • Rayman as Sneezy
  • Murfy as Dopey
  • Reflux as The Wicked Witch
  • Axel and Foutch as The Vultures
  • Plankton (from Spongebob) as Raven
  • and more

Rayman/Toad Patrol (Limbless Patrol)

  • Ly The Fairy as Beauty Stem
  • Rayman as Fur Foot
  • Clark as Puff Ball
  • Murfy as Panther Cup
  • LacMac as Slippery Toad
  • Polokus as Mistle Toad
  • Joe as Earth Star
  • Admiral Razorbeard as Erberus
  • The Robot Dinosaur as Meda
  • Uglette as Cleo the Skunk

Rayman/The Adventures of Ichaboad and Mr. Toad (The Adventure of Globox and Rayman)

Rayman/Dumbo (Rayman)

Rayman/Peter Pan (Rayman Pan)

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