Rayman M Super Extreme

Rayman already started in 1995 and as well as the other games. In 2001 Rayman M was on PS2 and PC and Rayman Arena on XBOX and Nintendo Gamcube it leeps into the spin-off and rayman rush on PSX was followed in 2002, for moving on to the race and play sport was in fact rayman legends and also for the new game when Hasbro was on the logo it conforms about street fighters IX and my little pony: fighting is magic on XBOX360, PS3, Nintendo WiiU, PC and Arcade.

This new game is called the second, Rayman M Super Extreme (Nintendo WiiU, PS3 and PC) /Rayman Arena II (XBOX360 and Nintendo 3DS) add the characters of my little pony G4, Avatar Character (XBOX360) and Mii (WiiU and Nintendo 3DS only)

Player Characters

  1. Rayman
  2. Globox
  3. Henchman 800
  4. Razorbeard
  5. Teensy
  6. Ly
  7. Barbara
  8. Tily
  9. Hoodblaster 740
  10. Hoodboom
  11. Globette (Unlock in 360 scores of lums)
  12. Polokus (Unlock in 100 scores of lums)
  13. Razoff (Unlock in 115 scores of lums)
  14. Begoniax (Unlock in 900 scores of lums)
  15. Henchman 1000 (Unlock in 125 scores of lums)
  16. Reflux (Unlock 4200 in scores of lums)
  17. Knarran (Unlock 120 in scores of lums)
  18. Hoodblaster 2100 (Unlock in 145 scores of lums)
  19. Rabbid (Unlock 3260 in scores of lums)
  20. Big Mama (Unlock 3125 in scores of lums)
  21. Betilla (Unlock 3120 in scores of lums)
  22. Mr Dark (Unlock 3255 in scores of lums)
  23. Razorwife (Unlock 1125 in scores of lums)
  24. Avatar Character (XBOX360 Only for unlock in time trials to win)
  25. Mii Avatar (WiiU and 3DS Only for unlock in time trials to win)

MLP in PS3 Network, XBOX360 Live, WIIU and PC only for download

  1. Twilight Sparkle
  2. Rainbow Dash
  3. Rarity
  4. Fluttershy
  5. Pinkie Pie
  6. Applejack
  7. Spike
  8. Iron Will
  9. Shining Armor
  10. Big Macintosh
  11. Applebloom
  12. Babs Seed
  13. Scootaloo
  14. Sweetie Belle
  15. Snips
  16. Snails
  17. Trixie
  18. Diamond Tiara
  19. Silver Spoon
  20. Cheerilee
  21. Gilda
  22. Soarin'
  23. Spitfire
  24. Lighting Dust
  25. King Sombra
  26. Queen Chrysalis
  27. Princess Cadance
  28. Princess Luna
  29. Princess Celestia


The game had two modes: Racing and Battling.

Racing In Racing, the player must beat their opponent to the finish line, or beat the clock. There is a sub-mode called Lums Race where you must collect all the Lums and beat your opponent in order to win the race.

Battling In Battling, you could play Capture the Fly, where the point was to keep the large Lum behind you, Lum Capture, where you must collect as many Lums as possible, or Battle, where the player must battle on various stages using weapons.

Rayman M Assault and Rush

This game was only for Nintendo limited on ubi soft called rayman m assault for only rayman characters was on rayman 2, rayman 3 and rayman origins.

  1. Rayman
  2. Globox
  3. Teensy
  4. Ly
  5. Razorbeard
  6. Henchman 800
  7. Hoodblaster (UNLOCKABLE)
  8. Tily (UNLOCKABLE)
  9. Henchman 1000 (UNLOCKABLE)
  10. Razoff (UNLOCKABLE)
  11. Razorwife (UNLOCKABLE)
  12. Globette (UNLOCKABLE)
  13. Reflux (UNLOCKABLE)
  14. Mii (UNLOCKABLE)

Modes are only for batting and races for all zones in multiplayer.


Rayman M Assault Shows intro for the classic of Rayman M and add on to "Assault" and for the outro of rayman rush.

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