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Zakaj bi se matral s postavljanjem lastnega wikija, če ga dobim tu zastonj? Tale scratchpad je idealen za mene, ker rabim wiki samo za beleženje raznoraznih idej in dobrih stvari, da mi ne uidejo iz spomina. Kaj takega pa za wikio ne pride v poštev. Na prvi pogled izgleda kot, da bi rabil samo navaden bookmarking sistem, samo mislim, da bo na koncu nastalo nekaj več samo skupek povezav. Mogoče pa tudi ne...

  • Broadcast Machine Free software that you install on your website. Post your videos to create internet TV channels, including video blogs and video podcasts (video RSS feeds). Easy to install, easy to use.
  • MediaPortal MediaPortal is an Open Source application ideal for turning your PC / TV into a very advanced Media Center. MediaPortal allows you to listen to your favorite music & radio, watch and store your videos and DVDs, view, schedule and record live TV as a digital video recorder and much much more. You get MediaPortal as Open Source software. This means you can help in developing MediaPortal or tweak it for your own needs with lots of innovating plugins from our great community.
  • File Transfer Plus Messenger File Transfer Plus Plugin
  • Nove verzije AdriaRoute
  • ena programerska Better web apps A webcast comparing web application frameworks (Java J2EE, Ruby on Rails, Zope/Plone, TurboGears, Django) to see what works best. (Note from the author: yes, Django does support i18n. I messed up.)
  • Hands-on editing with Adobe's Remix [VIDEO] Adobe's Remix is a new Web-based video editing tool that will be provided free to all Photobucket members in the coming weeks. Remix allows you to string together and edit short video clips.
  • OpenID OpenID is an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity. OpenID starts with the concept that anyone can identify themselves on the Internet the same way websites do-with a URI (also called a URL or web address). Since URIs are at the very core of Web architecture, they provide a solid foundation for user-centric identity.
  • Mozilla Does Microformats: Firefox 3 as Information Broker Microformats are (in Alex's words) "adding semantics to markup to take it from being machine readable to being machine understandable." So what use would microformats be in a web browser? Alex explains that microformats will make the Web Browser into an "Information Broker" and suggests that this could happen in Firefox 3. He writes: "Much in the same way that operating systems currently associate particular file types with specific applications, future Web browsers are likely going to associate semantically marked up data you encounter on the Web with specific applications, either on your system or online..."
  • SVN 1-ClickSetup The goal of this project is to simplify the process of setting up a Subversion repository on a Windows-based computer. Svn1ClickSetup takes a user through the steps necessary to install the Subversion command-line utilities and TortoiseSVN, as well as creating a repository and initial project.
  • 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job It’s funny that when people reach a certain age, such as after graduating college, they assume it’s time to go out and get a job. But like many things the masses do, just because everyone does it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. In fact, if you’re reasonably intelligent, getting a job is one of the worst things you can do to support yourself. There are far better ways to make a living than selling yourself into indentured servitude.
  • How to watch sport events for free on the Internet? The following steps will show you how to watch free football matches and other sports events for free in a few minutes...
  • Osnove trgovanja Na tujih trgih se pojavlja vedno več naložbenih priložnosti. Za nakup tujih vrednostnih papirjev je potreben trgovalni račun, ki ga vlagatelj odpre pri domači borznoposredniški hiši ali pa pri enem izmed "nizkocenovnih" online brokerjev v tujini. Zadnja leta se je v Evropi (Nemčiji) razvilo povpraševanje po online brokerjih, ki omogočajo pregledno in ugodno trgovanje na večjih svetovnih borzah. Preko slednjih je mogoče trgovati z delnicami, obveznicami, vzajemnimi skladi, ETF-ji, naložbenimi certifikati, warranti (opcijami), terminskimi pogodbami; vse na enem mestu, iz domačega naslonjača. Online broker ponuja poleg možnosti trgovanja še klasične "bančne storitve". Za denar, ki je na računu in ni investiran, prejme vlagatelj obresti, prav tako pa lahko veže denar za daljši čas po višji obrestni meri.
  • Wii Sports Experiment sheds nine pounds Kako shujšat z računalniškimi igricami.
  • Best free project/time management tools A dozen tools that will help you manage your time, projects, and company with out costing you a penny.
  • Notebookcheck - Laptop Reviews, News, ... Our aim is to provide serious and competent information about laptops and notebooks. Notebookcheck provides tests, reviews, news and links to reviews by other sites.
   * Reviews of recent notebooks,
   * laptop related articles (e.g., comparison of mobile graphic cards), and
   * links to external reviews and articles regarding laptops

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