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This is the The Razorblade Soldiers Clan Wiki


The Razorblade Soldiers Clan was once mainly a DoD clan, but it has progressed onto a multi-gaming clan. The leader of the clan is HIM, co-leader is DNA². The first member recruited for the clan was Rockfish (Frenchy), and he is also the longest remaining member besides the two leaders. Another old-time member is The Beeman, who made the main site and forums. The current "regulars" of the clan are HIM, DNA², Rockfish, Beeman, Honda, and YouKnowWho. Honda and YouKnowWho were recruited around the same time, and will hopefully be with the clan for much longer.


The editer of this Wiki is YouKnowWho. The community consists of around 15 members, thought hopefully it will expand when the Razorblade Soldier DoD server is made.


HIM is the creator and leader of Razorblade Soldiers. He lives in Germany, but originally lived in the United States. He is a drinking lunatic at times, but his fellow clansmen forgive him.


DNA is the co-leader of Razorblade Soldiers. He isn't as intelligent as most of the other members, but he has a strong heart and pulls through just fine if he listens to others. Though he used to live in the United States, he moved to Germany. His online activity is rather limited due to his father's iron grip of the internet in their home.


Rockfish, also known as Frenchy, lives in Canada and occasionally hosts a server for the clan. He was the first member of the clan, and has been in the clan the longest besides the two leaders. Rockfish used to play Counter-Strike, developing his skills greatly. Starting at a young age, he became a sharp shooter, and great game player. He is probably the most skilled in first-person shooters in the clan.

The Beeman

The Beeman is another old member of the clan. He is the creator of the website and the forums. The site runs advertisements that Beeman hopes will someday provide the clan for a DoD server. Keeping it up is another story. Beeman is the inventor of several nicknames and words used among the clan. The nickname for Rockfish (Frenchy), and the name Honda were developed by Beeman. Beeman used to host a DoD server once and a while to help recruit members as well as play with his fellow clan members, but now he just wants to buy one. He also hosts a TeamSpeak server every day for the active clan members to talk on.


Honda is a huge car fanatic. The original alias he used was Kamikaze Kid, but it was soon changed by The Beeman to Honda because of his car obsession. Honda brings several eccentric and interesting topics to the TeamSpeak, as well as interesting stories. Among all of the members, he is the most eccentric, DNA following up behind him. In the future, Honda will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and ride a moose down it.


YouKnowWho was the last active member to join the clan. He was recruited in a DoD Server after being creamed by the RS clan in a match. Having been the only one not to whine, and the only one to actually try, he was asked to join the clan. After joining, Yuno convinced a few of his friends to join the clan, who still pop in every once and a while. Most active among his friends are Funjob and Madoif (Dono). YouKnowWho is the editor of this Wiki.

Clan Games

The clan plays a series of games, as stated earlier. What sort of games exactly? First person shooters are the most popular, but there are also a few MMORPG's that the clan plays.

Day of Defeat

The most important game to comment on is Day of Defeat. This is Razorblade Soldiers favorite first-person shooter and their origin point. Though it isn't played much as of late, money for a server is being collected and there is a possibility that the server will be up soon.

In short, Day of Defeat is a World War II simulation that puts the Allies against the Axis. You are able to fight as the Americans, British, or Germans. By choosing certain classes, you can wield certain weapons. It has been acknowledged by the members of RS that the Axis weapons are better. When in-game, RS tends to play on the Axis side. The objective of the game is to capture all of the opposing teams flags (territories) in the map. Sometimes this can be done in a short amount of time, other times longer. The more strategic a team is, the longer the match goes on.

The Hidden: Source

Another game that has struck the clan as interesting and entertaining is The Hidden: Source. It is a Source mod that Yuno made popular among the clan when he decided they needed to play a new game, all of a sudden. They don't play it often, but when they do, the clan has a great time. Rockfish most commonly hosts a server for the clan.

The game consists of two sides: IRIS and The Hidden. The Hidden is a one-man team while the IRIS team can have up to nine people. This may seem unfair at first, but there is a catch. The Hidden is invisible and wields only a knife and a limited amount of pipebombs (think grenades). IRIS wields either sub-machine guns or shotguns, and a pistol as a sidearm. Various other tools can also be chosen when you choose your gun, sidearm, and class. The objective of the game is for one side to kill everyone on the other side. Quite simply while The Hidden hunts the IRIS soldiers, they hunt him. It may seem easy at first, but it can often get incredibly hectic.

Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is an MMO discovered by Yuno. He spread the popularity of this game to his fellow clan members, and soon most of them were addicted to it. The game consists of 2d sprite images on 3d maps. Though it may not look great graphic-wise, it has entertained the RS clan for hours on end. Going on non-stop wild adventures, each member has had his own share of fun. The most eventful adventures in Ragnarok Online would probably be considered the Wars of Emperium in which several guilds attack each other's castles in hopes to gain new territory. The RS clan fights in the Inspiration guild under the command of one of the servers administrators.

Comments from the community

YouKnowWho: Alas, the Wiki has been made again, but not completed. If any RS guys get on, please edit this thing. We still need the RS terminology page and the inside joke/wild adventure page to be created.

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