Reader Rock is a parody of Fraggle Rock. It is a commercial movie on PBS Kids.


  • (We begin with the library from Between The Lions. The camera takes us into the library by zooming in. We enter a hole in which Ernie is running into. He then arrives with the other PBS Kids characters.)
  • PBS Kids Characters: Read your cares away, (Clap clap) worries for another day! Dance your cares away, (Clap clap) down at Reader Rock!
  • (Cut to the Thomas engines.)
  • Engines: Shunt your cares away, (Squeak squatt) reading's for another day!
  • (The Readers show up)
  • Readers: Let the readers play!
  • Ernie: We're Ernie,
  • Leona: Leona,
  • Buster: Buster,
  • Bert: Bert,
  • May: MAY! Yipee!
  • Ernie: Wowee! (runs off)
  • (Cut to the Means' garden.)
  • Ralph: OOOOOH! A WEADEW! (grabs Ernie by the stomach)
  • (Hello Nurse walks in)
  • Hello Nurse: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! (tosses Ernie back into Reader Rock)
  • Ernie: Whoa, whoopee!
  • TV Characters: Read your cares away, (clap clap) shunting for another day! Let's all sing and play, down at Reader Rock!
  • (Cut to Bert)
  • Bert: Down at Reader Rock.

Fun facts

This also aired on Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, CBC, Teletoon Retro, YTV, ITV, CITV, Cartoon Network, and more channels.

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