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Reading, Writing, and Talking

First of all, all are welcome... speller and misspellers, and writers and storytellers and listeners in any language. Translations into other languages by contributing wiki editors are welcome.

1. Record or narrate an experiences reading ""out loud"" a specific ""name it"" story (written or spoken) to someone else.

Note: Story, as it is understood here, can be a newspaper or magazine article, a work of published or unpublished fiction or poetry, or anything, really, that can be read out loud, discussed, and written about, and passed on to others.

2. Record or narrate your own experience as a storyteller as well as the listener's responses.

Responses may include physical descriptions, dramatic enactments, voice changes (to create emotion or to distinguish one character from another), facial expressions, sounds such as yawning or breathing, raising questions or asking about the meaning of specific words, signs of boredom and interest, etc.

Details of your telling and listening experience to consider and write about, here, may include the relationship between teller and listener, time of day or night, location, season, problems and surprises related to age, culture, or language differences, simulateous sounds such as television, music, or talking (someone cooking dinner or noises in another room or from outside)... 3. Ask the person to whom you read the story to read the same story to someone else, "and" come to this Wiki to record or narrate his or her experience as a listener and as a reader.

4. Further, invite the next person read to, to also carry the story to yet another listener, and to join us here.

The purpose of this wiki is to record or narrate the suprises and pleasures of teaching and learning through story telling, listening, and composition, and to do so without assignment from institutions, school, graded instruction, or standardized testing.

While you may refer to stories by title, please do not quote extensively from any story without permission from the author. Authors and writers, published and obscure, you are welcome to join us. Tell us what you have written and where we can obtain your stories to share them and discuss our story telling experiences, here.

This wiki is dedicated to my mother, Nina W., who believes that homework is bad for children. Instead, she believes children should be free to read, write, and talk with their friends and families, at night and on weekends, and to be bored long enough to create stories of their own.

Thanks, also, to my Shavian father, Alan W., my brothers and sisters-in-law, to my children, Matthew and Jacob G., my teachers Dr. Sheridan B., Dr. Jenny C.-G., Dr. Charles B., and Dr. Karen L. Also, thanks to friends Susan L., Janice G., Judy O., and Amy G. Enormous thanks, also, to the community of storytellers (teachers and learners) of Monterey Park and East Los at East Los Angeles College where I am hearing, reading, and telling so many stories.

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