Ready For Action is an episode of the TVO Kids version of Shining Time Station. It is episode 7 of the seventh season that aired on November 26, 2002.


  • This action themed episode features some of the Action Extreme Team shows like Cardcaptors, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Totally Spies, Sonic X, WarioWare, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, Street Fighter: The Animated Series, Static Shock, The Winx Club, Magical Doremi, Jackie Chan Adventures, Mortal Kombat: Defenders of The Realm, Xiaolin Showdown, W.I.T.C.H., Men In Black: The Series, Star Fox, Ozzy and Drix, Loonatics Unleashed, Bakugan, Donkey Kong Country, Generator Rex and Captain N: The Game Master. One morning, they prepare for an annual Action Extreme Team celebration. Guest star Janet Van Dyne (from The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes) drops by to help Stacy, Harry and Billy. Unaware to the gang, Schemer, Schemee and The Beyblade Bosses try to ruin the celebration, but are thrown away. After that, Ash thanks Janet.


From Shining Time Station

  1. Mr. Conductor 1 (George Carlin)
  2. Mr. Conductor 2 (Alec Baldwin)
  3. Stacy Jones (Didi Conn)
  4. Harry Cupper (Leonard Jackson)
  5. Billy Twofeathers (Tom Jackson)
  6. Horace Schemer (Brian O'Conner)
  7. Schemee (Jonathan Shapiro)

From Cardcaptors

  1. Sakura Avalon (Carly McKillip)
  2. Meilin Rae (Nicole Oliver)
  3. Madison Taylor (Maggie Blue O'Hara)
  4. Rita Sasaki (Stevie Bloch)
  5. Chelsea Mihara (Jocelyne Loewen)
  6. Nikki Yanagisawa (Kelly Sheridan)

From Sailor Moon

  1. Serena Tsukino (Terri Hawkes)
  2. Mina Aino (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  3. Raye Hino (Katie Griffin)
  4. Lita Kino (Susan Roman)
  5. Amy Mizuno (Karen Bernstein)

From Pokemon

  1. Ash Ketchum (Veronica Taylor)
  2. Mary (Kerry Williams)
  3. Misty (Rachael Lillis)
  4. Brock (Eric Stuart)

From Totally Spies

  1. Sam Simpson (Jennifer Hale)
  2. Clover (Andrea Baker)
  3. Alex (Katie Griffin)

From Sonic X

  1. Sonic (Jason Griffith)
  2. Knuckles (Dan Green)
  3. Tails (Amy Palant)

From WarioWare

  1. Wario (Tony Sampson)
  2. Waluigi (Jim Cummings)
  3. Jimmy T. (Peter Kelamis)
  4. Jimmy P. (Peter Kelamis)
  5. Mona (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  6. Dribble (Tom Kenny)
  7. Spitz (Andrew Sabiston)
  8. Kat (Jocelyne Loewen)
  9. Ana (Jocelyne Loewen)
  10. 9-Volt (Candi Milo)
  11. 18-Volt (Matt Hill)
  12. Dr. Crygor (Maurice LaMarche)
  13. Mike The Karaoke Robot (Carlos Alazraqui)
  14. Penny Crygor (Kelly Sheridan)
  15. Orbulon (Frank Welker)
  16. Ashley (Nicole Oliver)
  17. Young Cricket (Danny Cooksey)
  18. Master Mantis (Rob Paulsen)

From Yu-Gi-Oh!

  1. Yami Yugi (Dan Green)
  2. Joey Wheeler (Wayne Grayson)
  3. Tristan Taylor (Sam Regal)
  4. Tea Gardner (Amy Birnbaum)
  5. Seto Kaiba (Eric Stuart)
  6. Mai Valentine (Megan Hollingshead)

From Mighty Morphing Power Rangers

  1. Jason Lee Scott (Austin St. John)
  2. Zack Taylor (Walter Emanuel Jones)
  3. Trini Kwan (Thuy Trang)
  4. Kimberly Hart (Amy Jo Johnson)
  5. Billy Cranston (David Yost)
  6. Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank)

From Street Fighter: The Animated Series

  1. Ryu (Yuri Lowenthal)
  2. E. Honda (Rino Romano)
  3. Blanka (Brian Drummond)
  4. Guile (Kirby Morrow)
  5. Ken Masters (Robert Tinkler)
  6. Chun-Li (Brittney Wilson)
  7. Zangief (Andrew Jackson)
  8. Dhalsim (Dorian Harewood)

From Static Shock

  1. Virgil Hawkins (Phil LaMarr)
  2. Richie Foley (Jason Marsden)

From The Winx Club

  1. Bloom (Liza Jacqueline)
  2. Layla (Vasthy Mompoin)
  3. Stella (Amy Birnbaum)
  4. Flora (Kerry Williams)
  5. Musa (Lisa Ortiz)
  6. Tecna (Rebecca Soler)

From Magical Doremi

  1. Dorie Goodwyn (Amy Palant)
  2. Reanne Griffith (Rebecca Soler)
  3. Mirabelle Haywood (Kether Donahue)

From Jackie Chan Adventures

  1. Jackie Chan (James Sie)
  2. Uncle Chan (Sab Shimono)
  3. Jade Chan (Stacie Chan)
  4. Viper (Susan Eisenberg)
  5. Tohru (Noah Nelson)

From Mortal Kombat: Defenders of The Realm

  1. Liu Kang (Brian Tochi)
  2. Jax (Dorian Harewood)
  3. Princess Kitana (Cree Summer)
  4. Sonya Blade (Olivia d'Abo)
  5. Sub-Zero (Luke Perry)
  6. Nightwolf (Tod Thawley)
  7. Curtis Stryker (Ron Perlman)
  8. Raiden (Clancy Brown)

From Xiaolin Showdown

  1. Omi (Tara Strong)
  2. Kimiko Tohomiko (Grey DeLisle)
  3. Raimundo Pedrosa (Tom Kenny)
  4. Clay Bailey (Jeff Bennett)

From W.I.T.C.H.

  1. Will Vandom (Kelly Stables)
  2. Irma Lair (Candi Milo)
  3. Taranee Cook (Kali Troy)
  4. Cornelia Hale (Christel Khalil)
  5. Hay Lin (Liza del Mundo)

From Men In Black: The Series

  1. Agent J (Keith Diamond)
  2. Agent K (Gregg Berger)

From Star Fox

  1. Fox McCloud (Yuri Lowenthal)
  2. Falco Lombardi (Derek Stephen Prince)
  3. Krystal (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  4. Slippy Toad (Tom Gibis)
  5. Peppy Hare (Michael Lindsay)

From Ozzy and Drix

  1. Ozzy Jones (Phil LaMarr)
  2. Drix Koldriliff (Jeff Bennett)

From Loonatics Unleashed

  1. Ace Bunny (Charlie Schlatter)
  2. Tech E. Coyote (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  3. Lexi Bunny (Jessica DiCicco)
  4. Danger Duck (Jason Marsden)
  5. Slam Tasmanian (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  6. Rev Runner (Rob Paulsen)

From Bakugan

  1. Dan Kuso (Scott McCord)
  2. Shun Kazami (Zachary Bennett)
  3. Marucho Marukura (Joanne Vannicola)
  4. Runo Misaki (Julie Lemieux)
  5. Joe Brown (Travis Ferris)
  6. Mira Clay (Alyson Court)
  7. Julie Makimoto (Katie Griffin)
  8. Alice Gehabich (Emilie-Claire Barlow)

From Donkey Kong Country

  1. Donkey Kong (Richard Yearwood)
  2. Diddy Kong (Andrew Sabiston)

From Generator Rex

  1. Rex Salazar (Daryl Sabara)
  2. Bobo The Monkey (John DiMaggio)
  3. Noah Nixon (Fred Savage)
  4. Dr. Holiday (Grey DeLisle)
  5. Agent Six (Wally Kurth)

From Captain N: The Game Master

  1. Kevin Keene (Matt Hill)
  2. Duke (Tomm Wright)
  3. Megaman (Doug Parker)
  4. Princess Lana (Venus Terzo)
  5. Kid Icarus (Alessandro Juliani)
  6. Simon Belmont (Andrew Kavadas)

From Beyblade

  1. Ryuga (Carman Melville)
  2. Spike Bourne (Gavin Fox)
  3. Kaiser Gray (Brian Froud)
  4. Doji (Andrew Jackson)

From The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

  1. Janet Van Dyne (???)

Thomas Stories

  1. Gordon Takes A Tumble
  2. Dunkin' Duncan

Jukebox Band

  1. Kung Fu Fighting

Thomas Song

  1. Never Never Never Give Up


  • This marks the biggest party of the Action Extreme Team.
  • Generator Rex characters debut.
  • Kimiko is wearing her Master Monk Guan outfit.
  • It is revealed that Brock has an obsession with girls.
  • Janet Van Dyne's civilian outfit consists of:.


  • (We open this episode with the show's theme)
  • Man: Reach for the steam, reach for the whistle, going the railing road. Reach for the words, reach for the story, follow the rainbow sun. To a Shining Time Station, where dreams can come true, waiting there for you.
  • (The episode then opens with Sakura and the Action Extreme Team in their celebration)
  • Ash: Wow, this is it.
  • Brock: Our first party ever.
  • Donkey Kong: It's where all people go into action.
  • Diddy Kong: Why yes.
  • Serena: As usual, we wear red high heels.
  • Mina: You in an Unnatural Phenomena, me in a Cherry Blossom Time.
  • Meilin: We always use white pantyhose as footwear.
  • Chelsea: Ally and Anita as well.
  • Virgil: Sis and Pops will love the action.
  • Richie: Even my parents.
  • Ozzy: The City of Hector will always be the same.
  • Drix: You got it.
  • Will: I'm full of fun.
  • Irma: Yes you do.
  • Dribble: Everyone does these days.
  • Spitz: And they mean it.
  • Stacy: Action is where characters fight.
  • Harry: Of course.
  • Billy: Janet of The Avengers has come to visit us.
  • Janet: Hey guys.
  • (The Conductors appear)
  • Mr. Conductor 2: Welcome, Miss Van Dyne.
  • Joey: Hey, Mr. Conductors 1 and 2.
  • Tristan: We're glad to have you here.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Of course we are. Today is Action Day.
  • Sakura: See, Madison? They're celebrating it.
  • Madison: Do you know about Gordon?
  • Mr. Conductor 2: Exactly. He came off the rails and had an accident. Let me explain.
  • (Mr. Conductor 2 blows his whistle and Gordon Takes A Tumble starts)

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