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This is a gameplay guide for the Illusion game Real Kanojo, in Japanese; リアル彼女.

Please feel free to add, edit or correct anything here. This should be a group effort.

Getting Started

Real Kanojo, or Real Girlfriend, is Illusion's newest release in the Adult Gaming Industry. This release focuses on a more realistic look and feel as compared to their earlier releases which focused mainly on anime styles.

Illusion has included many new innovations to this game including first-person perspectives, webcam support with facial tracking, dual mouse support, 3D support as well as an engine that is slightly more optimised for modern processors.

A webcam is not required to play this game.

(This article is a stub as the game has not yet been released, more info to come.)


More to come.

N - Toggle perspective (first person/third person)

1 - Toggle player visibility

2 - Toggle member visibility

3 - Toggle background

4 - Toggle camera crosshairs

CTRL - Move the camera

SpaceBar - Fast forward through already visited scenes

F1 - Options

F2 - Key bindings

F3 - Turn on webcam

F4 - Turn off webcam

F5 - Turn on 3D effect

F6 - Decrease 3D level

F7 - Default 3D level

F8 - Increase 3D level

F9 - Toggle webcam mode (live shot, cartoon)

F11 - Take screenshot

Left mouse button - Action

Right mouse button - Cancel, go into idle state

Middle mouse button - Switch active hand, swap hands

Mouse wheel (inside bottom right box during H-Scenes) - Up for moving forward in the course of action

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