TITLE = Choose Setup Language
DESCRIPTION = Please select a language from the list below for this installation.
REBOOTMESSAGE = Windows Installer service settings in order to complete the installer must restart your system. Click Yes to restart now, click No to restart later make a choice.
ONUPGRADE = This setup, "% s" perform the upgrade. Continue?
LATERVERSIONINSTALLED = The machine is newer than "% s" is already installed version. Setup can not continue.
Cancel = Cancel
1100 = Setup Initialization Error
1101 =% s
1102 =% s Setup will guide you through the program setup process% s is prepared. Please wait.
1103-to determine which version of the operating system
1104 = Windows (R) Installer to check the version of
1105 = Windows Installer is set to
1106 =% s set to
1107 = Setup has completed the Windows Installer on your system configuration. To continue the installation, you must restart the system. "Restart" Click, please restart the system.
1108 =% s
1150 = Setup has detected an incompatible version of Windows. The "OK", click Setup Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 SP6, please try again later or.
1151 = An error occurred while writing to a temporary folder.
1152 =% s Error occurred while decompressing to a temporary folder.
1153 = Error reading setup initialization file.
1154 = Installer not found in the% s.
1155 = File% s is not detected.
1156 = Windows Installer has encountered an internal error
1158 = An error occurred while entering text. Please check the Setup.ini are valid in all strings.
1200 = Restart
Error 1603 = Windows Installer engine during installation. May be in use by files that need to be replaced. Quit all applications, please try again.
1201 = Setup,% lu K bytes of disk space (drive:% s) require. Up more disk space available, please try again.
1202 = You do not have permission to complete this installation for all users. Log on as administrator and then, please re-run this installation.
1203 = Command line:
1204 = / L language ID
1205 = / S Hide initialization dialog. For silent mode use: / S / v / qn.
1206 = / V parameters to MsiExec.exe sent to
1207 = Windows (R) Installer% s detected. Older versions of Windows (R) Installer is. "OK" please click to continue.
1208 =% s is not because of the ANSI code page is installed on your system, setup can not run in the chosen language. Please choose a different language to run Setup.
1604 = This setup is required to install this operating system to run Windows Installer engine (% s) not included.
1607 =% s Scripting Runtime be installed.
1608 = InstallDriver can not be instantiated. Return code:% d
1609 = Please specify where to save the installation package.
1611 = File% s can not be extracted.
1612-to extract the files.
1613 = The file% s to download.
1614 = File% s Error occurred while downloading. Please specify the process.
1615 = Time
1618 = MB
1619 = KB
1620 = / sec
1621 = File% s could not verify the signature.
1622 = Estimated time remaining:
1623 =% d /% d download speeds
1624 = Preparing to install.
1625 = Please help for this installation.
1626 = Help
1627 = Unable to save file:% s
1628 = Failed to complete script based install.
1629 = Invalid command line.
1630 = / UA <InstMsiA.exe of URL>
1631 = / UW <InstMsiW.exe of URL>
1632 = / UM <msi package of URL>
1633 = / US <IsScript.msi of URL>
1634 = Setup Initialization Error. Could not duplicate the process.
1635 = File% s already exists. Overwrite this file?
1636 = / P password mode
1637 = / A administrative installation
1638 = / J Adobataizumodo
1639 = / X uninstall mode.
1640 = / F repair mode
1641 = / B cache installation locally
1642 = Could not verify signature. With Authenticode update requires Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher.
1643 = Setup requires a newer version of WinInet.dll. You must install Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher.
1644 = You do not have permission to complete this installation for all users. Log on as administrator and then, please re-run this installation.
1645 = Microsoft (R). NET Framework error occurred during installation. Return Code:% d
In 1646 =% s, Microsoft (R). NET% s Framework can also be used. . NET Framework you want to install?
1648 = Setup has detected an incompatible version of Windows. The "OK", click Setup Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 SP3, please try again later or.
1649 =% s can optionally use the Visual J # Redistributable Package. Now you want to install this package?
1650 = (so,. NET 1.1 Framework is installed.)
1651-incompatible version of Windows Setup has detected. Before restarting the installation [OK] to click the target system is Windows 2000 SP please check that you are running 3 or later.
1652 =% s before installing, you must have the following requirements be installed on your computer. The [OK], and then please start the installation of these requirements.
1653 =% s is installed
1654 =% s after completing the installation, or cancel the setup?
1655 =% s installation requirements of the file was not found. Abort the installation. I failed to download, which may have been canceled.
1656 =% s failed to install it as well. Do you want to continue the installation?
1657 = Success
1658 = Installing
1659 = Ready
1661 = status
1663 = failure
Extracting 1664 =
1665 = Downloading

0x0404 = Chinese (Traditional)
0x0804 = Chinese (Simplified)

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