The Railway Series Continues: Really Useful Thomas

Really Useful Thomas is the second book of The Railway Series Continues.

Previous Book: A Cranky Day. (January 1st, 2015)

Next Book: Make Someone Happy. (January 22nd, 2015)


Dear Christopher,

This is your friend Thomas the Tank Engine. He wanted to come out of the station yard and see the world. These stories tell you how he did it. I hope you like them because you helped me to make them. Your loving Daddy.


Thomas and the Rumors

One Day, Thomas was at Toyreck with Daisy and BoCo, when the two diesels left the station, Thomas can see some children crying sadly, they were sad because the playground was going to close down, Thomas was feeling sorry for the children and he felt sad, too. The next day, he was about to tell the other engines about what happened yesterday, when Percy came in with bad news, Harold had been hired to show a visitor around Sodor. The other engines were horrified and shocked what Percy had said, 9 days later, Things were not getting any better like one bit, Gordon is to collect his train when he sees Harold and goes down the wrong line and he crashed into a tunnel which was under repair, the foreman was cross with Gordon, he told the big blue engine it will take him months to have more repairs on the tunnel, and when Gordon was rescued Thomas was upset if Gordon was going to be scrapped, but the Fat Controller laughs and he told Thomas that the rumor was telling a lie, and Thomas' driver called the police and the next day the rumor was arrested for making a lie to the playground and Gordon, the policeman cuffed him and he was taken to jail for 10 days, 10 days later, things were better again and the rumor is now more truthful to the railway and the engines began to like him and the man declares that the sand that was cleared from the tunnel was perfect for the playground and eveything was back to normal and Gordon was happy he was not scrapped. Even though, it was a lie eventually.

Old Slow Coach

Thomas and Percy discover an old slow coach in the scrapyard, the coach had said, they are going to break her apart next week, and Thomas and Percy felt sorry for the Old Slow Coach, Meanwhile James was taking some fuel wagons to the diesel depot that opened a year ago but things were smooth and nice at first but now one of the fuel wagons and caught fire due to a leaky incident, James was uncoupled just in time but he was dirty and covered in smoke from smoke box to cab, he was dirty when the fire came, and the fireman put out the fire just in time and Thomas and Percy came and saw how surprised they saw when James had stopped on a siding and James told them all about it and Thomas and Percy felt sorry for their friend and James was now becoming very sad. He was a sadder engine now, and he would never lit some fuel trucks on the fire again, and when Thursday came after Wednesday, there was another fire but it was a hut, but Thomas and Percy came to inspect the destruction, and the plan was put into action and the fire was now put out and later the hut was now destroyed thanks to the fire, and the men cannot sleep in the beach but Percy came up with the best idea and it was Old Slow Coach and The Fat Controller agreed, and when the next day came, the Old Slow Coach was restored but at first James was jealous, but he was so pleased Thomas and Percy did the right thing to restore her, the three engines now have a new friend and even Annie and Clarabel were even more pleased and Percy now has his own branchline all to him self as a reward thanks to him.

The Fat Controller's Wife's Birthday Party

The Fat Controller was having breakfast when the butler came in for a special report in the telephone, but on the telephone it was Lady Hatt, she was having he birthday party today and he said he will arrive here before 4:00pm, and he took the car and 5 minutes later it had a flat tire, he he had dirty his new suit then it cannot ever do, but never will. But as he waited for so long Caroline arrived, and The Fat Controller had to give her a lift, but things were good at first, but now Caroline broke down and The Fat Controller was not happy with her, and at last George came along to Caroline and The Fat Controller, George was rude to Caroline but Jem Cole was more polite, but when The Fat Controller went up on George, he was covered in oil from George and suddenly George was going much too fast and he crashed into a muddy marsh where Thomas was taking on water and The Fat Controller was even more cross, Thomas had never seen The Fat Controller in such a mess but Thomas' driver told him Thomas' fireman had just taken ill and The Fat Controller decided to be his fireman until he gets to the party by 4:00PM, and when Thomas arrived it was 4:00pm, and The Fat Controller got the flowers from the flower store and he gave Thomas a reward for all of his hard work and he deserved to have a new coat of paint and Thomas was very pleased and he told the engines all about the news when he came home, and when the clock struck 4:03pm (3 minutes later), there stood Sir Topham Hatt he was tired but triumphant and Lady Hatt said this was the best party ever and the party began.


Characters introduced

  • Old Slow Coach
  • The Policeman
  • The rumor who told lies.


  • This is the first book to feature only three stories unlike the first one and The Railway Series books.
  • The foreward message was taken from Thomas the Tank Engine like the one you saw on television until 2012 due to HiT's Thomas fans complaining over Sharon Miller's work in Thomas history.
  • This book is based on Lady Hatt's Birthday Party, Thomas and the Rumors, and Thomas, Percy and the Old Slow Coach.
  • Edward has spoken in only one story.
  • This is the first Railway Series book that Thomas was title character in the book since Tank Engine Thomas Again, Thomas the Tank Engine, Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine (excluding for Bowled Out and Bluebells of England) and other books from the Railway Series that feature Thomas as a title character.
  • This book has adapted three stories from the fifth season of the series unlike The Railway Series.
  • This is the only book to feature three chapters until The Christmas Pack.


  • How can anyone get arrested for making a rumor's lie about something?
  • When Edward says "Oh dear, i hope the rumor shouldn't make a lie", his voice is Australian because the British terminology of the narrator making Australian terminology by accident.
  • Toby was supposed to appear in this book but he doesn't appear for unknown reasons throughout the entire book.

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