Reaver is a random character who's wound up in several forum RPs, so I'll give a quick description for the relevant ones.

Quick physical description: Reaver is an undead skeleton who wears simple blue platemail armor, his skull somehow holds bright Cyan hair, has a red glow instead of eyes, and usually doesn't have a jaw. Occasionally he'll add and remove vital organs just to change things up.

----------Academy of Magic----------
Reaver's story: In the acadamy of magic, Reaver is an Artifact/Black mage, and self labeled 'plothole mage and rouge of this Academy of Magic.' He tends to favor summoning select self-reviving minions to do things for him, and has built his reputation for a troublemaker rather swiftly. Reaver has few serious moments, and they never appear to make any impact, but the illogical maneuvers have left an impact. Reaver's backstory and list of abilities is relatively unknown, but he has been known to possess small creatures and inanimate objects, preferring dead bodies. He has also known to mention not being able to feel pain, though there is some evidence to the contrary. He also can summon edited photoes on a whim, and has made a downright deadly concoction known as 'Mana Beer' he used at a party once.

Reaver's relationships: It is clear and evident from the start, those of friendly chaotic natures all seam to get along with Reaver, others tend not to. He has a group known unofficially as "Reaver's Army" though it isn't clear what the group plans to do, with the phrase "Combat boardom" thrown in the description of duties. As far as friends go, Reaver has yet to claim any, though it's clear Grolox is the most probable to be his 'best' friend. Oxid changes his outer personality greatly when near Reaver, and is known to be his 'student' when nearby, engaging in odd plans with names even more odd. Okazu was tricked into becoming a disciple, but remains loyal for unknown reasons. Arcus is probably the most relied on as far as people Reaver contacts, which may be because Arcus is the closest to a keeper that's willing to deal with him on friendly, but cautious terms. Beyond that, there isn't a whole lot of interaction with set crowds and people.

-----Webcomic Artist Reaver-----
Unlike his RP counterparts, 'Webcomic Artits' Reaver has a god-like powers of some sort and causes any number of random things to happen in his comics. He is surprisingly like "Richard" from the Looking For Group comics... with more power. Page last edited: 8/6/2008

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