Rebecca Feeble is the mother of Susie, Jennifer and Vanessa and Harold's wife appearing in Marilyn. She has long auburn hair (like the rest of the Feeble Family) and black eyes and has blue earrings. Her main outfit is composed of: a purple sleeveless shirt, red skirt, tan pantyhose and black high heels. She is voiced by Kelly Sheridan (who also voices Cynthia Rider from 8 Siblings and A Middle Child). At her age, she is 47 years old.


  • Harold Feeble (Husband)
  • Susie Feeble (Daughter)
  • Jennifer Feeble (Daughter)
  • Vanessa Feeble (Daughter)
  • Nicole Feeble (Mother)
  • Lars Feeble (Brother)


  1. Being nice to Harold
  2. Taking care of her daughters
  3. Working as Judge to Urbington Courtroom


  1. Jennifer and Susie's arguing
  2. The way Vanessa cries
  3. Losing her focus

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