A cheeky and loveable little rabbit named Rebecca, has a liitle brother called Richard. They live with their mummy and daddy in a burrow in the hills. She is a loveable rabbit who has friends like Candy Cat, Zoe Zebra, Emily Elephant, Peppa Pig, Suzy Sheep, and Biff Brown Bear. This language is in English and Spanish. She was made in the UK, US, and Spain. She also has a favourite Thomas and Friends character, Buster the Steamroller.

Rebecca Rabbit is from the producers of Peppa Pig.


Season 1

1. Rebecca pretends to be a monkey

2. Rebecca and Richard play Hide-and-Seek!

3. Rebecca comes to stay with her Granny and Grandpa.

4. Richard helps Out

5. Rebecca, the Best Gardener

6. Richard and George's race day

7. Rebecca the Cowgirl

8. Rebecca's Brass Band

9. Richard learns to dance

10. Rebecca's Birthday

11. Richard has a cough

12. Rebecca gets a make over

13. Rebecca and Richard go to school

14. Rebecca and the Picnic

15. Rebecca the Artist

16. Rebecca, Granny and Grandpa at the Kindergarten

17. Grandpa is not feeling well

18. Rebecca at the Fair

19. Rebecca the Babysitter

20. Rebecca's Injection

21. Rebecca and Richard at home

22. Rebecca catches a cold

23. Rebecca's Family Celebrate Christmas

24. Rebecca and Zoe Zebra

25. Rebecca's First Prize

26. Rebecca pretends to be a Farmer

27. Rebecca the Magician

28. Richard's Discovery

Season 2

1. Rebecca flies a Kite

2. Rebecca's New Friend

3. Rebecca goes Fishing

4. Rebecca at the Beach

5. Rebecca the Pirate

6. Rebecca the Queen

7. Rebecca goes too far

8. Richard loses his dinosaur

9. Rebecca helps Emily Elephant

10. Rebecca's School Play

11. Rebecca's day off

12. Rebecca's School Fair

13. Rebecca and Richard at the Nursery

14. Rebecca the Biker

15. Rebecca goes for a walk

16. Rebecca's Valentine

17. Rebecca and the Spaceship

18. Rebecca and Richard at the Cricket

19. Rebecca's Talent Show

20. Rebecca and the Rainbow

21. Rebecca's Sports Day

22. Rebecca's Bluff

23. Rebecca and the Golden Eagle

24. Rebecca goes to a Car Boot Sale

25. Rebecca and the Great Green Garbage Gobbler

26. Rebecca's Big Hug

27. Rebecca goes Shopping

28. Rebecca and the Ghost

Season 3

1. Rebecca and the Hot Air Balloon

2. Rebecca goes swimming

3. Egg Hunt

4. Rebecca's dad goes Golfing

5. Rebecca helps to deliver the post

6. Rebecca and the Green House

7. Richard runs away

8. Rebecca, Richard and the Shark

9. Rebecca's Perfect Gift

10. Rebecca's New Shoes

11. Rebecca and Grandpa outside

12. Richard gets wet

13. King Richard

14. Rebecca the pilot

Rebecca Rabbit Special episodes

1. Rebecca Rabbit and the Tuba

2. Rebecca Rabbit and the Golden Cup

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