• Rebecca SuperStar as Rainbow Dash (both blue, fast, and determined)
  • Luke Calmest Zimmerman as Twilight Sparkle (both heroic)
  • Sheetal as Princess Luna(they're both princesses)
  • Tifany Duck as Princess Cadence
  • Hugo Climber Hyper Yu as Applejack (both red and make good rivals)
  • Katie Rose Pinkie Pie (both pink and cheerful)
  • Gummy as Lily
  • Astern Cadish as Fluttershy
  • Kid as Angel
  • Ringfy Rino as Derpy Hooves
  • Cat as Dinky Hooves
  • Seender SuperStar as Gilda (both are rivals to the heroes)
  • Lemur Bunny as Rarity (both treasure hunters and pretty)
  • Dragonese as Gustav le Grand
  • Ronald as Chief Thunderhooves
  • Scartray as Discord
  • Badnits as Parasprites
  • Jennifer as Matilda
  • Aaron Sace as DJ-Pon3
  • Alan Yip as Daring-Do
  • Jacob Hides as Apple Bloom
  • Angel as Spike
  • And many more


  • Rainbow Dash Star
  • Rainbow Dash Star 2
  • Rainbow Dash Star Super Galactic Comic
  • Rainbow Dash Star World War I
  • Rainbow Dash Star 3
  • Rainbow Dash Star Titans

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