Imperial cargo carrier rebellion2

Rebel-class Assault Ship taking fire from the New Republic X-Wings

The Rebel-class is the smallest, yet toughest capital ship class in the whole Dominion Navy. They are the next evolutionary step from the Acclamator Assault Ships. They are 925 meters long, 520 meters wide and 210 meters tall(225 with landing gear down) with a crew requirement of 700. It could carry 17,000 soldiers and still had vast amounts of space for warmachines, consumables and ammo. The ships were not designed for space combat, so the only hangar is the main cargo hold where it launches gunships and troop carriers from. It has several docking rings on it's sides, however. In battles it mostly trusts on the strong engines and heavy shields, but if required to, it has several quad turbolaser turrets around it's hull to keep hostile ships busy for a while. Most of these turbolasers are on the belly side so they can also open suppressive fire when landing on the battlefield.

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