It all started when there was a drunken fight between Bes and Hathor. Bes accidently changed Hathor into her original form of Sekhmet. This greatly angered Ra, who tried to destroy Bes. When the other gods refused to help him destroy such a merry god, Ra flew into a rage. He tried to kill Bes, and he would have, if Thoth had not intervened. He pleaded with Ra to spare the little god. Ra eventually agreed, and Bes was saved. However, after the accident, Ra felt rather betrayed. He became more and more intense, until he was a dangerous god. With Osiris' permission, Anubis held a secret meeting with a few other gods. "Ra is now a danger to the people. While this sounds treacherous, desperate times call for desperate measures. I propose a rebellion," Anubis said. Several other gods agreed. The gods in the rebellion were: Anubis, Osiris, Sobek, Sekhmet and Khnum. Anubis wanted the help of Set, but Set refused, taking the neutral side.

First wave

At first, they tried negotiation one last time. When Ra would not be negotiated with, they went on the offensive. Their first attack was to send soldiers to destroy one of the temples of Ra at Thebes. This attack succeeded. Khnum also made an attack. He commanded the nile to flow aagainst Ra's troops. This attack, however, failed.

Battle of Thebes

At one of his temples, Anubis called a meeting. "We need a stronger battle plan. I propose that we send a few groups of soldiers to ravage the enemy's resources, while a larger group wears down their army. Later, we will finish them off with some of our more powerful creatures," Anubis said. Then Osiris spoke up "I would make one change to Anubis' plan. I Think we should wear down the army by leading them into a trap. We will save more soldiers that way." All the gods agreed on this plan. A group of soldiers burned the camps and took whatever they could find, while a main army led Ra's troops into a river, where they were surrounded by crocodiles and hippopotamuses. Eventually, Ra's army was defeated and the rebels won the day.

Battle of Luxor

Ra spoke to the gods who still supported him. "We need to crush this rebellion with one blow!" Ra exclaimed. Thoth approached with a plan. "Suppose we were to capture their leader, and hold him until they surrendered." "We don't know who the leader is!" Ra raged. "Leave that to me."

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