For the red arremer hero, Firebrand, go here.

The Red Arremer race is a clan of red gargoyle demons skilled in both attack and defense. Unlike protector gargoyles, these creatures can't turn to stone, nor have any affinity with earth; they have a strong affinity with fire. They attack with an umpredictable mixture between divebombing, dashing and breath attacks, ocassionally calling forth helpers to join the fray.

Proud warriors, their only purpose is to enjoy the thrill of battle and defend their master. They know basic fire breath magic from birth, skill that can be developed as they grow and evolve. Though they've served Lucifer and Sardius on their brief power struggle, their loyalty lies with Astaroth, the devil king, acting as bodyguards and gatekeepers.


Based on a card pattern. As they grow older, their bodies evolve:


  • Red Arremer (young): Initial form. Basic fire breath magic. Fastest form due to their small size. They can evolve into either King or Ace ranks.


  • Red Arremer King: An uncommon breed that evolves from the initial form. Develops a tail and a forehead horn. Basic fire breath magic, plus basic summoning magic. Since they represent the clan's nobility, they wear battle armor. Only a few red arremers will reach this stage, and one of them might evolve into a Joker when the current one dies.


  • Red Arremer Joker: The ruler of the whole red arremer clan, resulting from the evolution of a Red Arremer King. Advanced fire and energy magic mixed with psychic power to control the spells after being cast, plus advanced summoning magic. They don heavy battle armor, making them highly resistant to punishment, yet slowing them down a bit. Only one of his kind can exist at a given time; as the current Joker ruler dies, the oldest Red Arremer King will most likely evolve and take his place.


  • Red Arremer Ace (standard form): Adult version of the initial form. They are more aggresive than their young forms, giving chase as long as they can see their target. Basic (Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts) or advanced (Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins) fire breath magic and basic summoning magic. This is their standard form; most infants will reach this rank instead of going for King. Apparently they won't evolve after reaching this state.

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