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 Red Educativa es la página en castellano que coresponde a la página wiki "Education Network" en inglés. This is the page in Spanish which corresponds to the wiki page Education Network in English.  

Please note that this part of the "wiki" world is not a wikipedia or a dictionary. If you wish to see, write or improve an encyclopaedia or dictionary entry for the phrases Red Educativa / Education Network go to the wikipedia and the wiktionary.

This is the wikia part of the wiki-world dedicated to learning communities (LC) and using open collaborative editing(OCE) and/or mediated OCE to improve resources for communities. The process of media production (e.g. writing essays) within the LC (learning community)is also experimenting with this approach.

Please add below links to LCs which use - to some extent - a wiki (OCE) approach.

Red Educativa Latinoamericana Alternative forms are RELA, RedELA, REDELA. Intended as the "OCE" education network of a proposed "University of the Latin American Diaspora" applying the overall "Multi-heritage University" model

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