The Red Educativa Latinoamericana (English: Latin American Education Network) is a set of learning communities interested in Latin America. See alsoRed Educativa. Documents relevant to the network now open for editing include: (Please add the title and reference or link for any documents / articles which you know of on this page. Please add in title of your course, the name of the group and the username of your group "wiki-editor" - if any). Note that you can add any document - your own or a third party - to the list. The document should be potentially helpful to its learning community and be an OCE (open collaborative editing)document. Most Wikimedia, Wikipedia, etc. documents are OCE. This page does not update automatically. You can update it now by clicking the top edit button. For a "live update" on all pages in the wikimedia:red educativa category (click here)

Caral (RE LA:Bolivia/Peru:Lima)

Caral: the oldest city in the Americas. This is a "wiki" article initiated (the stub was written) outside the Red Educativa. It can be modified by OCE (open collaborative editing) and threaded discussion. Topic: on early (pre-ceramic) "urban" settlement in the Andean area of South America. The topic / article is being used by courses: Peru 3000 BCE to 1963.

Caral Peru. This article was initiated by the London Peruvian (LC) learning community. The article is not so much about Caral as about resources for the study of Caral. Click on highlighted references (links). The topic / article is being used by courses: Peru 3000 BCE to 1963.

Arequipa (RE LA:Peru:Arequipa)

Arequipa, the diaspora, nostalgia and music. The topic / article is reading for courses: Arequipa - history, cultural studies, socio-economic development.

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