Red Fire

Red Fire is a team made by Lunatic, partly because everyone else seemed to be doing it, and partly to show that his mind was just as good as any other's.

Members of Red Fire include...


Born from a team of scientists and alchemists, Iblis was created when a team took the blood of a warrior named Shatterpoint and combined it with the essence of a dark being. The result was a seven-foot, armored, winged being with inhuman strength and incredible power.

Iblis possesses the strength of an army: he's so strong that he considers trees twigs and can lift just about anything. Iblis' wings are NOT fragile; they're stronger than twelve-gauge steel and can withstand virtually any impact. The same can be said about his dark armor. Iblis also possesses great magic ability; able to utilize the power of fire and thunder.

Iblis' deadliest weapon is his right hand, which is red, scaly, and clawed; like a demon's. It is called "The Red Hand of Death". Though it does not kill anyone in its grip, the victim is at Iblis' mercy. Anyone in the Red Hand's grip is returned to their species' original limits: no superhuman capabilities, no inhuman abilities, nothing. They are dead one second in their grip.

Iblis is inhuman in personality, not capable of understanding truly good emotions. He understands sarcasm, knows satisfaction and some jokes, and can feel sorrow and anger. But he does not understand joy, love, or laughter. (Loony gave him no love to eliminate all pairings, straight or gay) He also does not show opinion: he states only fact.

He is voiced by Matt McKenzie (Auron on FFX)


Also known as Wade Wilson, Deadpool signed up for the Weapon X project to cure his cancer. They cured it by giving him an extremely accelerated healing factor. The process turned Wade into a babbling lunatic, caused him to take up the name "Deadpool" or the "Merc with a Mouth".

Deadpool's only true superpower is an extraordinary healing factor; being able to recover from any wound, even a fatal one. He is also trained in martial arts and weapon use (examples being guns, grenades, and swords). He achieved a special belt that allows him to teleport, letting him appear anytime anywhere. Death once visited him and cursed him with life, rendering him unable to die. He also possesses "comic awareness", which means that he acknowledges that he's fictitious.

Deadpool is completely insane, saying stupid things and cracking jokes nonstop. Yet no matter how many times people knock him down, he keeps coming back up and saying ANOTHER stupid thing. Deadpool also decides to go into his mind and contemplate anything that comes to mind.

Despite the fact that Lunatic doesn't like him, he and Deadpool constantly have to team up no matter how much they hate it. (Deadpool really doesn't seem to hate him.)

He is voiced by John Kassir.

Haduun Jaal

Centuries after the fall of Darth Vader and Darth Sidious, peace reigned in the New Republic. But two-hundred years after the event, an evil shadow began to creep up on the rebuilt Jedi Order.

In one night, all the Jedi had been brought to their knees by the most powerful Sith Lord of all time: Darth Eradicus. The only survivors were a Jedi Master and a young boy. That boy was Haduun Jaal.

Haduun Jaal, like all Jedi, wields a lightsaber, though he does so with incredible skill. His sensitivity to the Force makes him all but impossible to surprise or even kill. His midi-clorian count is almost five times greater than that of Anakin Skywalker and two and a half times that of Galen Marek, Vader's secret apprentice.

Haduun's use of the Force is so great that he can lift heavy objects, send Sith Lightning back as a weapon of light, and his physical limitations are incredible. The combined use of his lightsaber gives him multiple options to take down his enemy.

On more than one occasion, Haduun has used the Force to make him super-powerful (supersonic speeds, lightning-fast lightsaber techniques, and Force techniques that could level whole cities). It is this power that has started a rumor that he could be the next Chosen One, as Anakin had been in his time.

Lunatic ran into Haduun on Nar Shadda when Deadpool wanted to stop for a drink. Haduun, mistaking Deadpool's insanity for evil, tried to kill him. After setting the situation (and Deadpool) straight, Lunatic offered Haduun to join and the Jedi quickly accepted.

He is voiced by Steve Burton (Cloud Strife on FFVII: Advent Children)

Uchida Hyuga

Uchida is a ninja-world legend, being the first-ever cross-breed between a Hyuga and an Uchiha. His father was a Hyuga deserter who fell in love with an Uchiha woman. His father died in the battle with the Kyuubi and his mother fled to Kirigakure, where she gave birth to him and left him in the mist village's care. He later returned to Konoha at the age of sixteen as a jonin legend.

Uchida, being of both Hyuga and Uchiha blood, can use both the Sharingan (left eye) and the Byakugan (right eye). But he can also combine the two into an advanced form called the Koudogan, which can mimic and analyze like the Sharingan, but seem to see everything like the Byakugan. To teach him the use of both eyes, he went to Kakashi Hatake and Neji Hyuga.

Uchida wields a sword that shimmers like water and is the color of a sapphire. This sword, known as Shiosame (Tide-Shark), gains power when it absorbs water, growing longer, wider, or different shapes. It can also store water, which comes in handy since Uchida specializes in water-style jutsus.

Uchida was trained not to show his emotions to his enemies. Being trained in the mist village, he will not hesitate to kill his enemies if given the option. But he does realize the value of teamwork and will gladly give his life for his friends and teammates.

Uchida has multiple swords on his belt or strapped to his back. He takes a defeated enemy's sword with him to preserve that warrior's honor.

Lunatic met Uchida shortly after the Invasion of Pain while Konoha was being rebuilt. Uchida's home was still being rebuilt, so he joined them until his living quarters were restored to their original status.

He is voiced by Vic Mignogna (Ikkaku on Bleach)

Moon Knight


Whilst on a mission in Gotham City, Lunatic came across the faceless detective himself. Lunatic offered The Question to join because he needed a good amount of brains on his team, and Question has plenty of it.

Question is a master detective, able to identify most substances and use the smallest of clues to find whatever is necessary. He is also a trained martial artist (though one occasion ended with him going to jail)


A Fire Mage (Salamander, where he comes from) from Fairy Tail, Natsu is short-tempered, competitive, and persistent. Often, he is accompanied by a blue, flying cat named "Happy" (this is not a joke).

Natsu can wield dragonfire to a great potential, able to project it from any part of his body. He technically prefers shooting it from his hands or mouth, but has been known to shoot it from his feet and elbow.

Natsu can eat fire to regain his energy, but cannot eat any fire he creates. Says it's like eating part of your body.

Lunatic actually went to Fairy Tail to hire a mage for his team. But since Erza was unavailable, he settled for Natsu. The dragon-boy was happy to oblige.


A chicken-like Poke'mon of both Fire and Fighting types, Lunatic found Blaziken in an actual poke'ball while he was at a Manga convention. Blaziken has been attached to Lunatic ever since then.

Blaziken is a master martial artist and surprisingly powerful in terms of physical strength. He can cause his hands and his feet to burst into flame, thus amplifying his physical attacks. And his powerful legs means he can scale tall buildings in a single jump.

Blaziken's attack list include Blaze Kick, Fire Punch, Hi-Jump Kick, and Dynamicpunch.

Bit Cloud

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