Politics within the space controlled by the nobles of House Lionheart including elections to both the House of Aristocrats and the House of Commons include the Red Party and the Blue Party, both dominated by Lionheart aristocrats. The Red Party is more representative of traditional Lionheart policies. The Reds want to preserve the economic domination of the Cartels, maintain the traditional prerogatives of the Prince and Princess, and are extremely anti-Mantis Lord. The Blues represent a more diverse lot ideologically. Some Blues want to abolish the Cartels to allow more free enterprise, but some Blues are like the Reds in being pro-Cartel. Most of the Blue Party want to reduce the Prince and Princess to ceremonial figureheads, but some Blues are like Reds in wanting to retain real power for the dual sovereigns. The Blues are divided over the question of granting more rights (especially regarding representation in the House of Commons) for A.I. machines, and on their noble body's traditional hostility toward the Mantis Lords. On the issue of whether the United God Movement should be disestablished as the official religion, Blues divided over disestablishment while the Red Party is sharply in favor of retaining an state-sponsored faith. The Red Party currently has majorities in the House of Aristocrats and the House of Commons. Both Reds and Blues are united in wanting to preserve Lionheart rule, unlike the Radical Party.

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