Umbaran NEGAS

A Redheri

The Redheris are gaunt, frighteningly pale Near-Humans with sunken eyes and cold calculating stares, due to the planet Forgone having an eternal twilight. Their eyes are well adjusted to the dark, but they are easily disoriented when exposed to bright sudden flashes of light.

The Redheri are highly secretive and manipulative creatures, who craved little else than power and influence. Many had a darker sense of humor than the average Human, which would manifest in social interactions. Masters of misdirection, these creatures almost never revealed their true thoughts or intentions.

Redheri society was built on a finely detailed caste system comprised of almost one hundred levels. Only those in the top ten caste levels were given the opportunity to leave their homeworld, explaining their rarity outside the Ghost Nebula. The primary ambition of the average Redheri was to ascend through the caste levels, using tactics from blackmail and subterfuge to cool assassination, thus priming them for a life in politics. Failed plots to ascend the ranks of society were met harshly with the attempted perpetrator imprisoned and their family dropped to one of the lower caste levels. Dependent upon the rank of the targeted individual, the perpetrator risked a death sentence for themselves and their entire family. Successful maneuvering however, is rewarded with prestige, making it worth the risk. They could also tell if a person is lying due to their more sensitive eyes and their ability to sense heat.

The highest caste level, known as Rootai, comprised a council that ruled Forgone, and its members were considered royalty.

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