Redkeep is a fortress that was built between 2 and 8 AF in a pass through the mountains west of West End. It is made primarily of stone, and spans the 100' between two cliffs. It was built by Sir Amelio Rensin a knight of Dimhold. He created the fortress to gather his forces for an attack on West End where he would take over the town and it's ore and lumber trade. Sir Rensin was waiting for Sir Gregory Grimwar to abdicate the throne or pass away before attacking, but he got another chance much earlier. A band of adventurers was found near the ruins of a Dwarven fotress (which was later rebuilt as Anghor). After defeating an attack by Darklings using the Daystone, the party was taken back to Redkeep. The party was pressed into serving as diplomatic liasons between Sir Amelio Rensin and Sir Gregory Grimwar. In the end, Sir Amelio Rensin did take control of West End, but a West End under seige. Before he could actually rule he had to defend both his people and the people of the city from the Darkling attacks. He was one of the leaders of the army that marched on the city of darkness, and held the lines when Sir Grimwar fell. After the Dread War, he took control of West End. In 20 AF after the Dread War Ended, he named one of his generals who had designated himself in battle as commander of Redkeep, Firt Arongell. Firt is the council representative from Redkeep, and still governs there.


The first person to discover the pass were scouts of Sir Amelio Rensin. When he received word of the metal they had found there, he decided to build his castle. The pass at that point was only 40 feet wide, not large enough for a castle. Sir Rensin set his sappers and engineers to work. They started by leveling the cliffs off and chopping them back with wedges and mallets. The stone that was removed was cleaved into blocks that would be used to construct the castle proper. When the two sides were even, slots were carved into them so that the blocks could be wedged into the cliff face. The rest of the castle was connected around those blocks, and across the chasm. A large rounded tunnel was left straight through so that the pass could still be used as needed. Huge gates and portcullises were contructed to restrict access to the pass. The castle remains one of the strongest structures around.

Production, trade, and supplies

The original core product of Redkeep was Blood Iron. The town also produced all of their own needs. Their plumbing tehcnology was amazing, construction vast systems of aquaducts to deliver water to the various parts of the city and remove waste. Redkeep also had access to the ocean, which allowed them to bring in different kinds of fish and mollusks.

Modern Day

To avoid being completely conquered by Sasha hobgoblin and the Hobgoblin raiders, the ruling class of Redkeep elected to surrender their castle rather than fight a losing battle to a superior foe from the wrong angle. In return, some of the residents are being allowed to stay and work in Redkeep with their families, simply abandoning all political and military control of the city.

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