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Armée Zapatista de Terra
Leader Jacob Arbenz
Founded 2128
Headquarters Atyr, Sovalt
Nation Kanjor
Political Ideology Zapatista/Revolutionary Socialist/ Democratic Socialist
Political Position Left
Primary International Affiliation Freedom Fighters of the World
Secondary International Affliations Fair Trade Union
Colours ff0000
Website {{{website}}}

Red Star - the hero and the mystery

Many parties have existed since the original in 2110 under the leadership of 'Red Star'. Legend has it, that the original and his party elected a successor for the title of 'Red Star' which was know internationally for his revolutionary activities as well as nomad tactics.

The Beginning, Social Revolutionary Front - Kirlawa (2110 - 2127)

Red star started his revolutionary activity and forays in to politics with the Kirlawan Social Revolutionary Front. They competed in the 2112 elections, with limited success. They continued to play a major role in upholding workers' rights in Kirlawa until their departure in 2127.

2nd Party, Kanjoran Socialist League, Kanjor (2127 - 2140, 2300 - present)

Following his experiences in Kirlawa, Red Star moved the length of Terra and promptly settled in Kanjor, founding the Kanjoran Socialist League. In their 13 years existence in Kanjor, the KSL rose to become a front runner in Kanjoran politics, sharing the largest party position with fascists at the height of their power in 2131. Again, after a short time in Kanjor, Red Star took his revolutionary politics elsewhere in 2140.

(The second appearance of this party shall be described later)

3rd Party, Red Star Movement, Zardugal (2141 - 2147, 2184 - 2190)

The beginnings of the famous Red Star Movement can be traced to the little known Zarugal, in South West Terra. It was there Red Star set up the force that would survive wars and nation changes. After a short and rather uneventful time in Zardugal, Red Star moved his RSM to Keymon.

The second time of the Zardugal RSM was an extremely short rollercoaster ride. In 6 short years, the RSM went from largest party and Head of State, do submission to the Roman Imperialist Party, and then their departure.

4th Party, Red Star Movement, Keymon (2148 - 2180, 2215 - 2230)

Keymon was where Red Star started his most influential and famous revolutionary activies. In their first spell there, the RSM were the only real opposition to the omnipotent National Front, but in the end the NF proved too popular.


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