Volume Six: Reflections is the sixth volume of Legacies.


Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
[[Image:|150px]] Sorrow Writer: Director: #1
Six months after Violet's landslide election victory, she is struggling to create the policies she promised the voters. Zara is worried about her brother, who is struggling to make ends meet since his rocky divorce with Rose left him with no home or money. Scarlett finds herself succumbing to a darker side, while Peter struggles to impress the new President, Tess MacNeil. Lachlan doesn't trust Muriem's new boyfriend, Max. Valerian provides decent hospitality to the very pregnant Samantha, but is annoyed at how well she is getting along with Dahlia, who is making friends with a young paramedic named Davis Warden. Elsewhere, Keltora and Aradore decide to liven their relationship up.
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #2
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #3
[[Image:|150px]] Rapunzel Writer: Director: #4
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #5
[[Image:|150px]] Umbra Writer: Director: #6
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #7
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #8
[[Image:|150px]] Coercion, Part 1 Writer: Director: #9
The clock turns back to two months before the events of Prophecy, detailing what happened to Whitney to make him hate Lawrence and become obsessed with Scarlett. He and his dragoness, Selene, are one of many Dragon Masters hired to POSSESS for various positions, and he gets himself stuck in a situation with Pamela herself at the helm. Meanwhile, Jasmine spends time with her friends and foster father.
[[Image:|150px]] Coercion, Part 2 Writer: Director: #10
Lawrence is given the task of killing Selene to teach Whitney a lesson and make an example for all the other Dragon Masters, but he has trouble getting himself to actually do it. Meanwhile, Scarlett accidentally gets the attention of POSSESS when she steals something of value to Jasmine.
[[Image:|150px]] Coercion, Part 3 Writer: Director: #11
After successfully killing Selene, Lawrence gets Samantha to take advantage of Pamela's absence to hack the fateful POSSESS files that will lead them all on their quest. Meanwhile, both Whitney and Jasmine seek out Lawrence's head out of revenge for whom they've lost.
[[Image:|150px]] Delivery Writer: Director: #12
[[Image:|150px]] Creature Writer: Director: #13
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #14
[[Image:|150px]] Broken Writer: Director: #15
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #16
[[Image:|150px]] Devastated Writer: Director: #17
[[Image:|150px]] Brides Writer: Director: #18
Samantha is taken over by a computer virus inside the Protector's Fortress, and she begins to absorb all the knowledge within it, with or without the help of Davis and Scarlett/Selene. She takes her thirst to the Chronicles building, where Valerian and Rachel try to stop her without harming the new mother within.
[[Image:|150px]] Sojourn Writer: Director: #19
[[Image:|150px]] Valkyrie Writer: Director: #20
[[Image:|150px]] Solitude Writer: Director: #21
[[Image:|150px]] Craving Writer: Director: #22
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #23
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #24
[[Image:|150px]] Malady Writer: Director: #25
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #26
[[Image:|150px]] Eclipse Writer: Director: #27
[[Image:|150px]] Deliverance Writer: Director: #28


Primary Characters

Scarlett Aerona (27 chapters)
Lawrence Lucine (23 chapters)
Lachlan Hughes (19 chapters)
Muriem Gladwyn (18 chapters)
Max DeSalvo (16 chapters)
Whitney Ross (24 chapters)
Aurora Talbot (23 chapters)
Tess MacNeil (20 chapters)
Davis Warden (17 chapters)
Valerian Ramhart (21 chapters)
Dahlia Rue (18 chapters)
Samantha Rubitov (21 chapters)
Peter Williams (20 chapters)
Rose D'Amour (24 chapters)
Zara Lucine (22 chapters)
Drake Adler (19 chapters)
with Keltora (17 chapters)
and Aradore (15 chapters)

Secondary Characters

Elisa Gomez (17 chapters)
Raven Michaels (16 chapters)
Violet Swann (15 chapters)
Chase Steward (12 chapters)
Britteny Ambra (11 chapters)
Rachel Tapas (9 chapters)
with Cynthia Gladwyn (3 chapters)
and Shannon O'Hara (1 chapter)


  • No character appears in every chapter of Reflections.

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