Volume One: Regenesis is the first volume of Legacies. The volume focuses on the reintroduction of many characters from the novels, and only contains half the chapters of most volumes at 13.


Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
[[Image:|150px]] Return Writer: Director: #1
Eight months after the events of Destiny, the nation of New Saxony is left leaderless, anarchic and full of corruption. Violet leads a group of heroic young people alongside Britteny and Rhys. The President of the New Saxony Chronicles Corporation, Tom Duncan, takes care of things at the Chronicles building and keeps an eye on his employees, including sharp photographer Peter and gossip-columnist Melody. Zara meets the CEO of Terra-Divitis, Dominik Keaton. And the less-than-bubbly Scarlett joins the aforementioned mining company, meeting Dominik's assistant Arnold Strauss, as well as all-too friendly faces from Laura, Elle and Merrick.
[[Image:|150px]] Insect Writer: Director: #2
Scarlett, having successfully garnered her position underneath Dominik Keaton, starts her search through Terra-Divitis secrets; however, she is seen as suspect by Merrick and Elle. Meanwhile, a young Amaranthinian boy becomes a bit of a pest for Britteny and Peter.
[[Image:|150px]] Persuasion Writer: Director: #3
Merrick accidentally inhales mysterious powders from a test lab in Terra-Divitis, and eventually realizes he has the power to make people obey his every whim. He uses this ability to learn the secrets of Laura and Scarlett. Meanwhile, Zara and Peter try to figure out what Violet is up to.
[[Image:|150px]] Black Writer: Director: #4
A strange, symbiotic manifestation of darkness begins crawling around the Terra-Divitis headquarters, taking over bodies as hosts. The menacing creature makes characters like Laura and Scarlett realize the extent of the darkness within themselves, and the only way they can stop the creature is to confront themselves and move on from their own secrets.
[[Image:|150px]] Web Writer: Director: #5
An entire clutter of mutant spiders manage to escape a containment lab at Terra-Divitis, and Zara is unfortunate enough to end up in their nest. Meanwhile, Elle and Merrick are anxious to learn more about Scarlett as she starts to open up.
[[Image:|150px]] Resurrection Writer: Director: #6
A young boy is mysteriously resurrected from a serum developed by Terra-Divitis, but the side-effects of the drug create rampant insanity and abilities that put innocent people in danger. Meanwhile, Scarlett regrets the fit of honesty she had with her new friends.
[[Image:|150px]] Broadway Writer: Director: #7
[[Image:|150px]] Camouflage Writer: Director: #8
[[Image:|150px]] Execution Writer: Director: #9
Daniel Laurence is caught hacking Terra-Divitis files red-handed by Arnold, and he requests that his newest recruit, Scarlett, be the one to end his life. Meanwhile, Dominik and Melody end up in a precarious situation when a scorned businessman seeks revenge on the bewildered CEO for a failed deal.
[[Image:|150px]] Jolt Writer: Director: #10
Laura goes into a fit upon being injected with a special power-enhancing formula developed by Terra-Divitis, and used as a power-source for an even greater weapon which becomes a threat for all the company's employees, especially Elle and Aqeer.
[[Image:|150px]] Blur Writer: Director: #11
Rose resurfaces to rejoin her colleagues at the Chronicles, and is excited when Peter takes a photograph of a superpowered being. But before they can prove the person's identity, Laura comes after them at full force as part of her hunt for Rose's husband.
[[Image:|150px]] Luxury Writer: Director: #12
[[Image:|150px]] Exchange Writer: Director: #13
Lawrence Lucine resurfaces after weeks of being hidden from Terra-Divitis. He proposes one last confrontation with Arnold; trade over his fiancée, Rose, in exchange for the captive and incapacitated Laura. Scarlett and Violet become involved in the trade, gathering everyone in Amaranthine for a final get-together.


Primary Characters

Violet Swann (13 chapters)
Rhys Devine (13 chapters)
Britteny Ambra (12 chapters)
Arnold Strauss (9 chapters)
Laura Zanderfield (11 chapters)
Dominik Keaton (13 chapters)
Scarlett Aerona (13 chapters)
Merrick D'Amour (11 chapters)
Peter Williams (13 chapters)
Zara Lucine (13 chapters)
with Melody Coco (11 chapters)
and Tom Duncan (11 chapters)

Secondary Characters

Elle Salopree (13 chapters)
Aqeer Ikram (10 chapters)
Daniel Laurence (7 chapters)
with Rose D'Amour (3 chapters)
and Lawrence Lucine (1 chapter)


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