Regular Show/Ed, Edd n Eddy

Cast lists

Verison 1 (by Gallibon the Destroyer)

  • Rigby as Eddy
  • Mordecai as Edd
  • Party Horse 42699 as Ed 
  • Muscle Man as Kevin
  • Thomas as Rolf
  • Margaret as Nazz 
  • High-Five Ghost as Jonny 2x4
  • Natalia as Lee Kanker
  • CJ as Marie Kanker
  • Starla as May Kanker
  • Klorgbane the Destroyer as Eddy's Brother

Version 2 (by Iankyle1189)

  • Rigby as Ed
  • Benson as Edd
  • Mordecai as Eddy
  • Skips as Kevin
  • Pops as Jimmy
  • Thomas as Rolf
  • Margret as Nazz
  • and more

Version 3

  • Pops as Ed
  • Mordecai as Edd
  • Rigby as Eddy
  • Benson as Kevin
  • Margreat as Nazz
  • Skips as Jimmy
  • Thomas as Johnny

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