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  • Moredicai as Fry
  • Margaret as Leela
  • Rigby as Bender
  • Audrey as Amy
  • Doug as Hermes
  • 7th Unicorn as Professor Farnsworth
  • Pops as Zoidberg
  • Thomas as Nibbler
  • Skips as Scruffy
  • Gary as Cubert
  • Don as Zapp Brannigan
  • High Five Ghost as Kif
  • Rose as Mom
  • Destroyer of Worlds as The Clamps
  • The Hammer as Kwanza Bot
  • Eileen as Monique
  • Benson as Nudar
  • Death as Robot Devil
  • Ello Gov'Nor as Robot Santa
  • Dr. Askovich as Chef Elzar
  • Were Skunk as Lrr
  • Starla as Nrr
  • Iacedrom as Igner
  • Ygbir as Walt
  • Carl as Larry
  • Slsher as Morbo
  • Newslady as Linda
  • The Hammer URL
  • Jinx Monster as Hypnotoad
  • Ace as Roberto
  • Garett Bobby Ferfuson as Flexo
  • The Night Owl as Wernstrom
  • Sarah as LaBarbara
  • Emily as Michelle

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