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Version 1

  • Mordecai as Mario
  • Benson as Luigi
  • Rigby as Yoshi
  • Skips as Donkey Kong
  • Pops as Toadsworth
  • Muscle Man as Koopa
  • High Five Ghost as Para Koopa
  • Thomas as Toad
  • Cj as Toadette
  • Margraet as Princess Peach
  • Eileen as Birdo
  • Magikoopa as Starla
  • Audrey as Daisy
  • Huge Head as Goomba
  • Destroyer of Worlds as Perey Piranha
  • Garret Bobby Ferguson as Smithy
  • Mr,Maerllard as Gero
  • Sensai as Dry Dones
  • Death as King Boo
  • Sunsan as Bowletta
  • Ello Gov'nor as Ludwig Von Koopa
  • Percy as Bowser Jr
  • Were Skunk as Bowser

Version 2

  • Mordecai as Mario
  • Rigby as Luigi (Benson is not Luigi, no. Benson is bad, Luigi is good)
  • Eileen as Daisy
  • Margaret as Peach
  • Pops as Yoshi
  • Skips as Donkey Kong
  • and more

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