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Version 1

  • Rigby as Sonic
  • Pops as Tails
  • Skips as Knuckles
  • Margaret as Amy Rose
  • Elieen as Cream
  • Thomas as Silver
  • Mordecai as Shadow
  • Garrett Bobby Ferguson as Dr Eggman
  • Muscle Man as Espio
  • Hi Five Ghost as Charmy
  • Scorge as ello govener 

Version 2 

  • Mordecai as Sonic (Both are Blue)
  • Rigby as Tails (Both are partners to Sonic and Mordecai)
  • Skips as Knuckles
  • Margaret as Amy
  • Eileen as Cream
  • Benson as Dr. Eggman (Well he's bad)
  • Pops as Big the Cat
  • Cloudy Jay as Rouge
  • Muscle Man as Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Hi-Five Ghost as Charmy

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