• Mordecai as Thomas
  • Muscle Man as Edward
  • Pops as Henry
  • Skips as Gordon
  • Benson as James
  • Rigby as Percy
  • High Five Ghost as Duck
  • Margaret as Emily
  • Doug as George
  • Jimmy (from Rage Against The Tv) as Oliver
  • Sausages as Trucks
  • Mr. Mallerd as Boco
  • Iacedrom & Ygbir as Dart and Den
  • Ello Govnor as Diesel
  • Two Kids as Bill/Ben
  • G.B.F as D261
  • Starla as Elizabeth
  • Elieen as Rosie
  • Slasher as Duncan
  • Carl as Duke
  • The Hammer as Splatter
  • Naked Pops Memory as Dodge
  • High Five's Father as Dennis
  • Susan as Daisy
  • Gary as Victor
  • Low Five Ghost as Whiff
  • Dory (from Finding Nemo) as Lady
  • Destroyer of Worlds as Diesel 10
  • Summertime Lovin (character) as Sidney
  • Jinx Monster as Smudger
  • Death as Paxton
  • The Master Prank Caller as Hector
  • Audrey as Molly
  • Don as Spencer
  • The Unicorns as Skarloey, Billy, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Toad, Charlie, Rheneas, Toby and Stanley
  • Movie Shack Hut Employer as Butch
  • Dr. Askovich as Cranky
  • The Astronauts as Donald and Douglas
  • The Phone Gaurdians as Bulgy, Scruffey, Oliver (the Pack), Alfie and Jack
  • Move Shack Hut Employee (Brain Eraser) as Derek
  • The Giant Coffee Bean as Arry/Bert
  • SnowBalls as The Chinese Dragon
  • Mitch and Cubey (from Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?) as Bash and Dash
  • Socks (from Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?) as Ferdinand

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