Theohn, a recuseive creatcher whoms spelling is long renound for its poor quiatey (by human standerds) however it has ben illiuded by namelessguy that theohn may be an imortil being as he neaver seams to age, haveing ben 18 for 5 years now theohns comments of "there can be only one" as he cuts the heads off other players with his knife in halflife games has done much to increese this rumer. weather or not "theohnese" is the luguage of a long forgoton imortil race or just poor spelling may neaver be truely known.

In the games theohn is known for three things, his hate of the yellow team witch resalts in him spaming there spawn in murderball with spy gernades every time it is played, his hate of snipers whom he attacks as spy and pyro with verying sucsess (it is suspected that he grew this hatered of snipers from the map axlfly when he was an engainear and snipers would alwas kill his SG's) therdly he is known as the second gratest knifer in counterstrike in the impulse forums second only to namelessguy and lastly (and certonly not least) he is known for the love of cheese.

Theohn offishaly joind axls on 06 Jun 2003 however he first begain playing on axls arond the 15th of may of that year theohn was a loyal player for many years sean with criple cheezo two eyed black wizerd and namelessguy most nights dureing the early years of axls in more reacent times theohn is only now re-apearing after a leave of the zomunity with the release of tfc 1.6 witch theohn is known to hate, very very much.

durieng a resent interveiw guy incogneato sead this about theohn interveiwer: what do you know of theohn? guy: Spamming the yellow team guy: Likes cheese guy: Authored sprite comics guy: owns guy: coined the term ohned

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