To reimage your XO, follow these instructions:

REIMAGE Procedures (for G1G1 Recipients only, not for developer or beta machines)

NOTE: EVERYTHING previously created will be deleted! (machine name & colors)

1. You need a USB stick that is larger than 300 MB, and it is better that you format it before copying any files over.

2. Download the following two files from the Internet: 

(the second file is quite large, so it might take a while to download) • To download those files, please plug in the USB stick to another computer that is connected to the Internet. Open each of the above two URLs in the browser. You should see a message asking you whether to save/open the file. Save both files to the USB stick. Eject/Remove the USB stick, and unplug it.

3. Make sure the XO laptop is OFF. Plug in the USB stick.

4. With the USB stick inserted, power up the laptop while holding down ALL four game buttons on the lower right side of screen (the four buttons above the power button, and they are marked with a square, circle, X, and checkmark).

5. When the screen says 'release the game keys', release all four buttons.

6. You will see arrays of colored grids running on the screen. We are now re-writing the NAND image.

7. Once done with re-writing the NAND, the laptop will reboot itself.

8. Next, the laptop may update the firmware, if necessary, and reboot itself. (You don't have to do anything; just watch.)

9. After done with the upgrade(s), the laptop will boot to the prompt for your preferred user name.

10. Go to the Terminal activity (click on the taskbar icon; it looks like a rectangle with a $ on the upper left corner) and type the following:

 cat /etc/issue

• The screen prompt should say something like [olpc@xo-05-2D-2F ~]$ The numbers don't matter, but be sure that you type things after the $ sign.

11. Press the Enter key

12. If the screen says something that begins with

 OLPC build 653

then we are one step closer to finishing the upgrade process!

13. Type the following: poweroff followed by pressing the Enter key.

14. Now the laptop is off. Remove the USB stick and power it up as usual.

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