Bucknell University (Organismal, Ecological, or Evolutionary Biologist) 10/15 (notified via email) >260 applicants

University of Arizona (Natural Resources) 10/12

University of Nevada - Reno (Wildlife Ecology) 10/31 (notified via e-mail)

University of Oregon (Evolution) 10/24

University of Wisconsin, Madison (Wildlife Ecology/Conservation Biology) 9/15 (notified via email)

Ursinus College 10/29 - Ecology approx. 100 applicants


Colorado State University (Quantitative Ecologist) 11/19 (letter) 59 applicants

Dartmouth College (mol evol/pop gen/genomics) 11/19 (email)

Elizabethtown College - Ecology 11/2

Purdue University (Evolutionary Ecology) 11/30 by snail mail 88 applicants

SUNY Oneonta (invertebrate zool) received rejection letter in mail 11/16

Tyson Research Center, Wash U - (Associate Director) 11/5

UC Santa Barbara (Climate Science, Geography Dept.) 11/20 by email

Univ Wisconsin-Madison (Human Dimensions) 11/12 (email)

Wellesley College (developmental biology, endocrinology, behavior) 11/13 (e-mail) 274 applicants

Whitman College (Ecology) 11/13 (email)

December 2007

Concordia University (Conservation Biology) 12/7 (by mass e-mail) 40 applicants

Florida Institute of Technology (Ecologist) 12/8 (rejection by email)

LSU (Quantitative Ecologist) 12/6 (Official rejection letter by e-mail)

Rice University (Evolutionary biology) 12/7 (by letter)

University of Georgia, Odum School of Ecology (Evolutionary Ecology) 12/5 by email "nearly 105 candidates"

University of Georgia, Odum School of Ecology (Population Ecologist) 11/27 & 12/5 by email 75 applicants

University of Kansas (Biodiversity Modeler) 12/3 by letter

University of Wisconsin, Madison (Geography) 12/3 by mail (interviews scheduled, application held in reserve)


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