Volume Three: Relations is the third volume of Legacies.


Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
[[Image:|150px]] Outsider Writer: Director: #1
A month after the horrific meteor shower in Amaranthine, everyone is trying to clean up and get on with their lives. Zara is in Greenland, trying to figure out what happened to her that fateful day. The new editor-in-chief Lynnette Hartmann sticks Peter and Rose with a fresh, young intern named Drake Adler, who doesn't feel like he belongs. Lawrence is trying to avoid speaking with his former POSSESS partner, Trish Barrett, while Scarlett decides to take off with her friends Aqeer and Merrick. Elle doesn't appreciate her father Liam and his friend Shannon intruding on her life, while Dominik does some digging of his own. Meanwhile, in the deserts of Mexico, Rachel is on her own search alongside Rhys, when they meet Maya Hermenez and help a seemingly innocent stranger.
[[Image:|150px]] Toxic Writer: Director: #2
Rachel, Rhys and Maya unkowingly help save the life of serial killer Michael Hall, who is having trouble accessing his abilities. But when the local authorities seem to be catching up, both Michael and Maya- in a surprising twist- both struggle to hurry the group to safety.
[[Image:|150px]] Keltora Writer: Director: #3
Lawrence sends his famous dragoness, Keltora, to convince Scarlett to return to Eclipse despite their stubborn objections. However, Keltora proves to be too beautiful for her own good, which ends up leading Scarlett sky-high into trouble.
[[Image:|150px]] Run! Writer: Director: #4
Rose, Peter, Zara and Drake convince Scarlett, Elle, Aqeer and Marrick to all go visit a seemingly haunted old castle outside Bastiaen when a team of Terra-Divitis scientists disappear within it.
[[Image:|150px]] Flora Writer: Director: #5
A female sprite from the forests of New Saxony seems human enough, until her unsatiable appatite to seed as many men as she possibly can proves dire for unsuspecting souls- including Peter!
[[Image:|150px]] Retrospect Writer: Director: #6
An old friend of Lawrence's from POSSESS, Joel Goldman, surfaces and visits the Chronicles. Trish believes that she can find a friend in him, but becomes disheartened when even he finds her not worth the effort. As the friends all reminisce, the clock is turned back to see the histories of all the former POSSESS employees, including the Violet-Lawrence relationship, Trish's tragic back-story and the reason Lawrence was recruited so young.
[[Image:|150px]] Red Writer: Director: #7
An elaborate trap sent to Lawrence's home seems to be the cause for Rose and Aqeer turning into fearless, risk-taking individuals. She becomes more open and promiscuous, while he becomes violent and impulsive. Scarlett and Elle try to find a way to revert them back to normal before they get themselves killed.
[[Image:|150px]] Poltergeist Writer: Director: #8
Dominik is haunted in his former mansion by the ghostly image of his mother, leading him to discover secrets within the residence. But things get out of hand when Scarlett arrives to try and steal valuable information.
[[Image:|150px]] Abyss Writer: Director: #9
Dominik becomes the target of a coup by his surprisingly powerful executives after a business move is called into question. Elsewhere, a seemingly innocent city park becomes the center of a sorcerous mystery as the ground seems to be swallowing people whole.
[[Image:|150px]] Knights Writer: Director: #10
Samantha Rubitov is called back into the action when an expert computer hacker is required to help steal Terra-Divitis technology for the seemingly more benevolent corporation, Redwire Ltd. Scarlett, Zara and Aqeer don their best Black Knight dresscode and infiltrate the building in plain sight.
[[Image:|150px]] Dichotic Writer: Director: #11
Lawrence starts to fear for Keltora's life when a series of gruesome dragon murders start occurring around Eclipse. The pair of dragons responsible for these murders have a secret, however, that proves to be quite startling for the young Silver Dagger. Meanwhile, Lynnette identifies Trish as the source of the leak in the Chronicles.
[[Image:|150px]] Mother Writer: Director: #12
Shannon goes out of her way to help Zara, Peter and Scarlett as they track down a meteor-powered metahuman who is killing all his former foster mothers. An emotional confrontation leads to a mind-altering revelation for Scarlett.
[[Image:|150px]] Clone Writer: Director: #13
Valerian Ramhart is contently working in his laboratory when he is suddenly and surprisingly abducted by his former flame- and very much deceased- Jen Harthom. But when she can't seem to remember anything past the age of nine, Valerian realizes he's knee-deep in a very secret and unethical project, headed by none other than Dominik.
[[Image:|150px]] Agent Writer: Director: #14
Former agents of the Royal Guard recruit Peter as a sleeper agent in order to scope out potential terrorists. Peter is at first ecstatic about the opportunity, until he realizes that the agents are brutal in their methods, and are targeting his friends!
[[Image:|150px]] Serpent Writer: Director: #15
Employees from Redwire Ltd. are being mysteriously murdered via venomous snake bites, and Dominik is the only suspect. However, Scarlett and Violet can tell that there's more to these attacks than meets the eye.
[[Image:|150px]] Elizabeth Writer: Director: #16
Rose's sister, Elizabeth, visits New Saxony in preparation for her little sister's wedding, much to the chagrin of Lawrence, Trish and Zara. However, the elder D'Amour brings baggage that gets the younger D'Amours in mortal danger.
[[Image:|150px]] Samples Writer: Director: #17
Lawrence saves the life of an old man, despite the fact that a boy had predicted the death. The young boy befriends Lawrence, and when Rose and Elle become targets of a deranged madman, the two work together to figure out how to save them. Meanwhile, the Chronicles becomes a chatterbox of cake-talk after Rose leaves a myriad of free samples for everyone to taste.
[[Image:|150px]] Fallout Writer: Director: #18
Lawrence and Rachel visit Aurora Talbot at her art gallery to invite her to the wedding, but a series of unfortunate woes strike the three, and Lawrence may regret the last words he says to his loved ones. Meanwhile, Dominik meets with Michael.
[[Image:|150px]] Rewind Writer: Director: #19
Using an ancient POSSESS artifact, the four Protectors travel backwards in time to redo recent events. Lawrence works to save Keltora and Trish, Valerian works to stop Michael while Rachel goes after Liam.
[[Image:|150px]] Flinch Writer: Director: #20
When Shannon accidentally displays very powerful abilities in the midst of a confrontation, she suddenly becomes a target for experiments and tests- and is surprised when it turns out to be by a company she didn't expect.
[[Image:|150px]] Curse Writer: Director: #21
Scarlett is put under another deep depression after a fraud psychic ends up predicting her destiny, and not a very good one. Meanwhile, Lawrence and Rose work to get the truth about Redwire Ltd.
[[Image:|150px]] Rehearsal Writer: Director: #22
The wedding day is almost here, and everyone is cleaned up and ready. Rehearsal night goes off without a hitch, but elsewhere Liam and Elle have their bonding interrupted, Scarlett tries to prove herself to her brother, Kit, and Dominik decides to go after someone very important to Lawrence; Keltora.
[[Image:|150px]] Matrimony Writer: Director: #23
On the day of Lawrence and Rose's wedding, Scarlett faces off against Dominik one last time, Elle fights Michael, and Violet finds out the truth of who really stole the Redwire software and is targeting the wedding.
[[Image:|150px]] Reception Writer: Director: #24
As the wedding party moves to the banquet hall for the reception, Violet manages to survive her encounter with Eric, while Liam and Shannon clean themselves up and pretend they don't know what happened to Elle and Michael. Scarlett, Kit, Maya, Drake and Keltora investigate the Lucine household while Valerian and Samantha discover something fishy at the hall.
[[Image:|150px]] Threnody Writer: Director: #25
Eric destroys the wedding hall, leaving everything in chaos, and so the Protectors work together to defeat him and his associates. The third volume of Legacies ends in a fiery finish on the top of Moonrise Cemetary for a significant character.


Primary Characters

Violet Swann (20 chapters)
Scarlett Aerona (21 chapters)
Dominik Keaton (17 chapters)
Lawrence Lucine (21 chapters)
Trish Barrett (18 chapters)
Rose D'Amour (21 chapters)
Aqeer Ikram (17 chapters)
Merrick D'Amour (18 chapters)
Elle Salopree (25 chapters)
Rachel Tapas (18 chapters)
Michael Hall (16 chapters)
Maya Hermenez (15 chapters)
Peter Williams (19 chapters)
Zara Lucine (20 chapters)
Drake Adler (18 chapters)
Lynnette Hartmann (15 chapters)
with Liam Salopree (19 chapters)
and Shannon O'Hara (16 chapters)

Secondary Characters

Aurora Talbot (3 chapters)
Valerian Ramhart (13 chapters)
Samantha Rubitov (9 chapters)
with Elizabeth D'Amour (3 chapters)
and Keltora (15 chapters)


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