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Americas Relationship with Mexico during the 1920's.

-Mexicos relations with America was dwindling because of the Mexican Revolutionary war in 1910.

-In 1916 U.S. troops chased Pancho Villa.

- 1920 Mexico became a huge target for American Oil Idustries. It helped the Mexicans push for a much needed feeling of self independance. Britain also invested heavily in them.These were settled by the Bucareli Agreements.

-America also enforced the petroleum ac which had lead to the Mexican Supreme Court to eliminate the provisions that placed time limits on foreign concessions.

-America was believed to be very isolationist until it involved many merchant affairs such as oil and petroleum in Mexico.

-intervening with Haiti and the Dominican Republic angered the Mexican government.

-United States occupation of Veracruz helped diminish Mexican Foreign relations.

-U.S. feared in 1917 of Bolshevist revolutionaries in Mexico.

-Color coded war plans were derived from hypothetical means with mexico.

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