Relic Chunky files are a binary file structure developed by Relic Entertainment for use in their games. Both Dawn of War and Company of Heroes use Chunky files along with LUA files for game data.


  • All Relic Chunkies are binary files.
  • All Relic Chunkies begin with the 11 character string: 'Relic Chunky'.
  • All Relic Chunkies are organised into a tree of chunks.


  • Every Chunk is one of two types: Data or Fold.
  • Every Chunk has a 4 character ID.
  • Therefore, every Chunk has an 8 character identifier 4 characters for its type and 4 characters for its ID. (EG: DATAFBIF)
  • Every chunk has a header and then the chunky data


Headers go in this format:

  • 4 byte chunk type (see above) (string)
  • 4 byte chunk ID (see above) (string)
  • 4 byte chunk version (longint)
  • 4 byte chunk size (this is the size of the chunk data in bytes. This does not include any of the chunk header) (longint)
  • 4 byte chunk namesize (longint)
  • 4 byte chunk name (string)

After the header comes the actual chunk data.

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