Religion and Faith in Newmarduk's science-fiction RPG

The Magisterium of the Orthodox Truth: this is the dominant faith in this sci-fi universe. It preaches belief that the universe was created by a divine Supreme Being (identified with the Judeo-Christian God, the Islamic Allah, the Hindu creator god Brahma, the Japanese sun goddess Amaratsu, the state of Nirvana in Buddhism, and the Zoroastrian Ahura Madza), and belief in a legion of lesser saints (including Jewish patriarchs and prophets, Jesus Christ, the prophet Mahummad, Buddha, Zoroaster, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Aristotle, Plato, and a number of Hindu, Shinto, Greco-Roman, Polynesian, Norse, African, and Native American deities who are treated as saints rather than as true gods). The Magisterium also preach that evil is caused by a legion of demons and devils, and the reincarnaion of souls into new physical bodies until their sins are purged and reunited with the Supreme Being. It also preaches that human clones, mutant apes, and AI robots are equal to normal, natural-born humans. The supreme ecclesiastical authority of the Magisterium of Orthodox Truth is the High Council of Faith, which controls the city of Jerusalem in the former Israel on Earth. The Magisterium is divided into four official orders: the laity (comprising most of the faith's followers), the regular priesthood (the mainstream religious leaders of the Magisterium), the monks (segregated from other believers in monasteries in order to contemplate religious truth), and the paramilitary knight-inquisitors, who provide armed protection for Magisterium worshippers, leaders, and property from criminals and occasional violent Children of Adam and Eve. Use the template for soldiers and law-enforcement officers from Page 3 of Newmarduk's science-fiction RPG for characters who are Magisterium knight-inquisitors.

The Children of Adam and Eve: this is a rival of the Magisterium of Orthodox Truth, which a Child of Adam and Eve regards as heretical. The Children of Adam and Eve believe in a monotheistic God, faith in the Judeo-Christian Bible and Islamic Koran as the sole sources of religious truth, and the racial and moral superiority of natural-born humans over human clones. They also reject AI for robots and genetic alteration of animals (particularly apes). A Child of Adam and Eve generally belongs to a church that is led by a minister or deacon or mullah or iman. The ruling body of the sect is the General Synod, which is headquartered on the planet Mars. The Children of Adam and Eve believe that the forces of evil led by demons and Satan the Devil will one day force a final confrontation, and that the Hebrew prophets, Jesus Christ, and the prophet Mahummad will return with a legion of angels and saints and judge everyone on behalf of God. Most Children of Adam and Eve are peaceful, but some are violent in promoting terrorism and armed attacks on human clones, mutant apes, AI robots, and the Magisterium.

The Cyber Nation: this is mostly a secular nation/movement held by certain AI robots (mostly off Earth, in the outer fringes of the local solar system). Nevertheless, certain intelligent machines of the Cyber Nation speculate that whatever God or Supreme Being created the universe caused humanity to create robots with artificial intelligence. It is actually the more religious machines that are the more peaceful, less violent faction of the Cyber Nation.

The Incarnates: this is a religious movement that while acknowledges that there is a divine Supreme Being who created the universe, it also preaches that ordinary people (humans, mutant apes, and AI robots) can become gods themselves. It is more popular among human clones, AI machines, and mutant apes than among normal, natural-born humans.

The Church of Solar Monotheism: this is yet another religion which believes that the Earth's Sun, the other stars in the Milky Way, and the other stars in other galaxies are all the physical manifestation of the monotheistic God or Supreme Being who created the universe, and consequently they worship the Sun and other stars as the holy flame of the true God.

Priest Characters: for religious leaders of the Magisterium, Children of Adam and Eve, Incarnates, and Church of Solar Monotheism. Race: any (except for Chldren of Adam of Eve, who can be normal, non-clone humans only) Intelligence: average or above average Physical Strength: below average or average Agility: average Dodge: 2 or 3 Hit Points: 60 to 70 Skills: Medical care or Robot repair or both Combat Abilities: most of the time none.

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