Religion in the universe of the Void of Earth's Solar System includes remnants of ancient faiths including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Conficiamism, and Shinto. The three most dominant religions in the present age is Solar Monotheism, in which Earth's Sun is worshipped as the physical manifestation of the One True God; Ecumenical Monotheism, in which Solar Monotheism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are all combined in the promotion of the worship of the One True God; and the Neo-Pagan Movement, a polytheistic faith in which many deities from the Hindu, Shinto, Greco-Roman, Babylonian, Egyptian, and Norse-Viking pantheons are worshipped. Most priests, ministers, and preachers belong to the Religious Guild (see politically neutral guilds), and many churches, temples, spiritual retreats, monasteries, synagogues, mosques, and other houses of worship are outright owned by the Religious Guild, and it is guild policy that the same place of worship should be permitted to be used by various traditions. Governments across the solar system use religious leaders, especially guild members, to help bring peace in cases two government engage in a shooting war. Membership in the Religious Guild is voluntary but encouraged in the League of Planets and most local states in the Outworld Alliance, but the United Earth Regime, the Empire of Spectra, and a few local governments in the Outworld Alliance actually have laws requiring clergy have guild membership.

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