Ren wants a retired Thomas train, but his parents refused to let him get one, so he bawls a big tantrum. So, Ren is punished and locked in his room. Next morning, they go shopping, Ren sees a Barney's Cartoon Show VHS from 1996 and asks his parents if he can have one, since for the time he wants to work on Stimpy's cartoon, but they say "NO!". Ren bawls another loudest tantrum, so his parents send him to his dark room and lock him up, causing him to bawl and cry again. Stimpy consules Ren about his problem. Then he makes a cartoon after that.


  • Narrator: One day, Ren and his parents went to the toy store, Ren sees a retired Peter Sam Train. He was so excited.
  • Ren: Look! It's a retired Thomas Peter Sam train! Can I have it, Mommy?
  • Ren's Mom: No, sweetie. You have many Thomas trains at home!
  • Ren's Dad: And besides, those trains cost money.
  • Narrator: But Ren starts to cry.
  • Ren: [Stammers, than starts bawling out loud] But I want it!!!! BWAAAHAAHAAHAHAAHHAAHAHAH!!!!! WAAHAHAHAAHAH! Pleeeeeeaaasse!!!!!
  • Rens Dad: Ren, quit all this nonsense or we are leaving this store!!!!!!!!
  • Ren: BWAAAHAAHAHAAHAAHAAHAAAH!!!! WAAHAHAAHAAHAAH!!!! I want that Peter Sam train!!!!!!! Bwaaahaaahahahaaahahaah! Pleeeeease! Please! Please!
  • Ren's Parents: REN! ENOUGH OF THIS BEHAVIOR!!!!!!!!! [Ren's Parents drag him out of the toy store, while Ren bawls, sobs and cries behind]
  • Narrator: Ren's Parents drag him out to the toy store. Later, They sended him to his dark room.
  • Rens Parents:[to Ren] You are in a long time out now,Young Man!!!!!!!
  • Ren: Wahahahahaahahh!!!! It's too late to buy Thomas Peter Sam train! TOO LATE! WAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
  • Ren's Parents: Ren, there will be no more of these tantrums. Now we are going to the store, if you promise that you can keep yourself together, then we can get you a reward for good behavior, all right?
  • Narrator: Ren's Parents calm Ren down. Next Morning, Ren and his family went to the another store. He was so excited again.
  • Ren: Look, it's a Barney's Cartoon Show from 1996 that is hard-to-find. I would want that one, since for the time when I want to work on Stimpy's cartoon?
  • Ren's Mom: NO!
  • Ren's Dad: Never!
  • Narrator: Said his parents furiously. Ren had a big tantrum for a whole life!
  • Ren: (blubbers, than bawls and into his hands)
  • Ren: I!,I WANT IT! I WANT IT! Waahaaahaaahaaahahh!!!!
  • Ren's Mom: Ren, Cut it out!!
  • Ren: But I Want that Barney's Cartoon Show!!! BWAAAAAHAAAHAAHAAAAHAAHAAHAAAHH!!! Please! Please! Pleeeaase!!!
  • Ren's Dad: I'm Gonna get rid of those Thomas The Tank Engine videos for that little brat, and also Barney's Cartoon Show VHS is a phony!
  • Narrator: Ren's Parents got very angry.
  • Ren: Wahaahaahaaahaaahaah! Wahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaah! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! (Keeping bawling and sobbing the other kids are laughing at him)
  • Narrator: the Other kids laugh at Ren when he keeps sobbing and crying.
  • Narrator : Ren runs into the other kids and attacked them, he punched the girl real HARD, and Ren's parents were so mad.
  • Narrator : Then all the kids ran away them Ren's Tantrum, until they got home.
  • Ren: I WANT BARNEY'S CARTOON SHOW!! BUT I, WANT IT NOW!!!! Wahahahahahaahhh!!!!!!!
  • Ren: NOO!!!!!!!
  • Narrator: Ren's Parents so mad at him and They drag Ren out to the toy store, he sobbed in their car they lefted the toy store; they put Ren in his dark room for his punishment.
  • Ren: Now I'll never get that Barney's Cartoon Show VHS! It's too Late to buy it!!!!!! TOO LATE!!!!!!!! TOO LATE!!!!!! (bawls some more, until Stimpy runs over to consule him what's wrong)
  • Stimpy: There, there, now. Tell mama what's wrong.
  • Ren: Mommy and Daddy won't buy me a Barney's Cartoon Show 1996 VHS! I'm Mad!
  • Stimpy: Well, maybe if you behave nicely, they will get it for you.
  • Ren: Yeah, well that's still not good. My Parent's say they'll get rid of all of my Thomas The Tank Engine VHS's!
  • Stimpy: (gasps) Why that's child abuse. maybe if we hide those video's they won't get rid of them!
  • Ren: Good idea!
  • (Ren and Stimpy hid all the videos, and Ren walks up to his parents)
  • Ren: Mommy, Daddy! Please keep them back! Please! I'll promise I'll do something better! Please!
  • Ren's Mom: (gasps) Why are you upset?
  • Ren: I heard that you said that you're gonna get rid of the Thomas The Tank Engine videos. But I want them back! Please don't get rid of them, Mommy and Daddy! You're looking at them, who don't want to be get rid of!
  • Ren's Parent's: Ren, if you promise there will be no more of these tantrums, then we will give them back to you.
  • Ren and Stimpy: YAY!!!! Thank's Mommy! Thank's Daddy!
  • Ren: And you've changed your mind about not getting me a Barney's Cartoon Show 1996 VHS.
  • Ren's Mom: Yes, we did. And I thought it's a phony.
  • Ren: Thank you.
  • (later Ren played the Barney's Cartoon Show VHS and soon, he sees the front cover has a picture of Barney and BJ writing cartoons, and later he watches BJ crying his eyes out)
  • Barney: There, there, now. Tell Barney what's wrong.
  • BJ: I want to work on that cartoon.
  • Barney: Well that's great, BJ. I'll get you some pencils.
  • BJ: You Don't Understand!
  • Barney: (consoles him)

[scene ends]


  • Ren's cries are taken from the Season 2 episode "Stimpy's Fan Club", when he finds out that the letter is from Stimpy.
  • Told by Spongebob Squarepants.
  • When Ren bawls another tantrum, his crying mouth can be seen from Stimpy's Cartoon Show, when he wants to work on Stimpy's cartoon.
  • Gordon, Donald, and Douglas are the police officers. Just like Arthur episode "DW's Very bad mood" & COPS

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