Age- unable to determine due to the age resitent gene he inehreted. Estimated- 60 years old (appears 20).

Family- Darman Skriata -father Etain Tur-mukin -Mother



Background Mostly Mandalorian and Coruscaunti


6', 2 and weighing roughly 160 pounds. No one besides Renegade Nightmare's right hand man knows what he actually looks like for sure due to the Silent Wrath MK IX he is almost always wearing. He keeps his suit a sort of a teal color. The armor looks something like a MJOLINIR MK5, at least that's what people say.

Force Alignment-

None, force connection was overshadowed by Jeric before his destruction at the hands of the mercinary Kyle Katarn.

Later began to restore VERY slowly.

Personality-Although he acts a bit hostile around other faction leaders, he is usually very cool and collected. He has a veiw on most of the other factions that he belives they have some kind of want to control the galaxy just to be able to be in absolute control. The one faction he trusts is the Colation of Free Worlds. Renegade Nightmare's goal is to liberate the galaxy of all tyrannous control and to protect it with his very being. He preferrs to keep most of his operations covert.

                                     The Enigmatic Origins

Early Life-

The one thing known about Renegade Nightmare's childhood is that he was always training to join the Grand Army of the (Old) Republic.

Pushed to the Edge- At age 13, Renegade Nightmare first plotted to liberate the galaxy when Executive Orderr-66 was issued by "Emperor" Palpatein.

                            The Shadow of Intent forms-

He formed the Shadow of Intent when he was only 17 when the Zann Consortium fell apart after Tyber Zann was killed by Silri and her army of Sith Troopers. He saved Urai Fenn from certain death and spared his life. Urai became Nightmare's right-hand man. When he saved Urai, he also got the first of his armada, old Zann Consortium ships and gained the supplies to build the Rogue Shadow . Ryloth was still allied with the Underworld of the Zann Consortium so it became, for a time, the Shadow of Intent base of operations. They went on to build the super weapon planet known as Oubliette . With building the superweapon came the discovery of Alinos . He was at one point moving from Ryloth to Oubliette and was caught by a gravity well and was forced into the battle of Zanama Sekot. He barely managed to escape alive, let alone his entire armada.

Alignment with the Colation- Shortly after the battle of Zanama Sekot, Renegade Nightmare formed a strong connection to the Colation and ultimately led the Colation and the Shadow of Intent to allie each other. To this day, the two factions are still allies in the war.

Bone Chilling Messages As the Shadow of Intent amasses its armies quietly, a bone-chilling message is sent accross the galaxy to the leaders of all factions and all force users. This message has some meaning within its meaning. This message became to be known as the Absolution Message The mere sound of the voice was enough, but the message was the worst part. This forced Renegade Nightmare into setting his forces to Defcon 0. Meaning, he'd have scouts check EVERY battle detected.

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