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This guide for the front disc on a 88-91 CRX. Pics are of a 91 Si but all years should be the same, with the exception of different pads and rotors. I know alot of people know how to do this but some people don't.

Tools Needed: Lug wrench 14mm wrench or socket/ratchet 17mm wrench or socket/ratchet C Clamp Caliper grease (I use synthetic caliper grease w/ brake quiet)

First break your lugs loose with the car on the ground


Jack up the car (don't forget to use a jack stand just in case. and if your on soft ground like I am, put a board under your jackstand.) and remove the wheel.|


Remove the 14 mm bolt on the back side of the caliper to swing it up to remove the pads.


While you have it open use a C-clamp to compress the piston so it will go back into place with the new pads and rotor. Take the master cylinder cap off to relieve the pressure while you do this.


Dont put the new pads in just yet. Swing the caliper back down and get a 17 mm wrench or ratchet. There are two bolts on the back side that mount the caliper to the knuckle.


Make sure you dont lose the washers on these two bolts, they are very important. You will see what happens later.


Make sure you use somthing to support the caliper or you risk breaking the brake line. I use an every day hanger bent around the upper control arm to hold it back.


Once the caliper is off the rotor is ready to come off. You might have two screws holding your rotor on. Be very careful not to strip these, so use the right size screw driver. Even if you use the right screw driver like I did they will probably still strip. In that case get a drill and a drill bit and drill the head of the screw off, like I did. I did this years ago so I dont have a pic, pretty self explanatory though. Those screw are not needed, I dont care what anyone tells you.

Put your new rotor on


Ive painted the areas on mine that rust, the overspray will come off the first few times I hit the brakes. This is just a cosmetic step and is not neccesary.

Now mount your caliper back up and insert the brake pads.


If you forget a washer on one of those bolts, this is what can happen.


Put a small amount of caliper grease on the back side of the pads and in the marked spots. Also put some here


Close the caliper down and put the 14mm bolt back in. Put the wheel back on, remove the jack stand and lower the car. Torque down your lug nuts. Before you go driving around, start the car with the e-brake on and pump the pedal a few times to get the piston seated back where it should be. Now go drive around and enjoy being able to stop.

Write up by Krix.

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