This page is a timeline of the events that take place in the Reploid universe (based on the series Classic, X, Zero, ZX, and Legends)

1958 According to data in Mega Man & Bass, Dr. Wily is born.
???? Dr. Light and his assistant Dr. Wily build Proto Man. It turns out he has a synthetic "free spirit" and wandered off alone. He was also built with a faulty energy reactor.
???? Dr. Light and Dr. Wily build eight more Robot Masters
2007200X Dr. Light receives the Nobel Prize for his creation of the Robot Master.
2007200XMega ManDr. Wily steals six of the nine Robot Masters. Rock, a household robot, is changed into Mega Man, and defeats Dr. Wily, saving his six brothers.
2008200XMega Man 2Dr. Wily builds eight Robot Masters of his own, defeated once again by Mega Man.
c.2009200X Dr. Wily vows to become a good man again, and works with Dr. Light on the peace robot Gamma.
2009200XMega Man 3Nine Robot Masters appear and cause havoc. After Mega Man defeats them, and finds that one of them was in fact his older brother Proto Man trying to help him, Wily reveals it was his plan all along and steals Gamma while spreading the Doc Robot everywhere. Mega Man defeated them and reclaimed Gamma.
2010200XMega Man 4Dr. Cossack builds eight new Robot Masters, which Mega Man defeats, only to realize that Dr. Wily had blackmailed him and kidnapped his daughter Kalinka. Mega Man defeats Wily yet again.
201120XXMega Man 5It appears that Proto Man has constructed eight Robot Masters and kidnapped Dr. Light. After defeating them, it is revealed not only that the supposed Proto Man was in fact Dark Man, but Dr. Wily was once again the mastermind. He was once again defeated by Mega Man.
201220XXMega Man 6The mysterious Mr. X hosts a robot competition where the eight strongest robots have been collected. Suddenly, Mr. X rewires the eight Robot Masters to do his bidding. Eventually Mr. X turns out to be none other than Dr. Wily and is bested once more.
c.201320XX Dr. Wily discovers Bassnium.
201320XXMega Man 7
201420XXMega Man 8
201520XXMega Man & Bass
c.2016 Dr. Wily begins to build Zero, his final Robot Master.
c.2017 Mega Man: The Power Battle
c.2018 Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters
c.2020 Dr. Light completes Mega Man X and sets him into First Law Diagnosis
c.2045 Mega Man IIDr. Wily kidnaps Mega Man, reprograms him into Quint, and pulls him back to c.2009
c.2050 Mega Man X intended to awaken from diagnosis, left to re-evaluate again.
c.2080 Mega Man X's second diagnosis complete, re-evaluates.
2105 Mega Man XDr. Cain logs into Dr. Light's computer.
2109 Mega Man XDr. Cain logs into Light's computer a second time.
c.2110 Mega Man X completes a third diagnostic, re-evaluates.
2114 Mega Man XDr. Cain logs into Light's PC a third time.
c.211421XXMega Man XDr. Cain releases Mega Man X.
???????? Master Albert builds Model W, Model A, Albert, Prometheus, Pandora, and Grey.
???????? Ciel creates Models X, Z, H, F, L, and P based on Model W.
???????? Serpent excavates Model W and gets a hold of H, F, L, and P.
????????Mega Man ZXVent/Aile and Giro are attacked by Mavericks, revealing Models X and Z.
????????Mega Man ZXGiro sacrifices himself to protect Vent/Aile from Serpent, Prometheus, and Pandora.
????????Mega Man ZXVent/Aile helps the Guardians defeat Serpent and defeat Model W, while capturing the mysterious Model O.
???????? Someone breaks into Guardian Base and steals Modelx H, F, L, and P.
???????? Grey is released from stasis and wins the Game of Destiny, defeating Master Albert's eight Pseudoroids, as well as Aeolus, Atlas, Thetis, Siarnaq, Prometheus, and Pandora.
???????? Grey defeats his creator, Master Albert.

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