Represent is rapper Fat Joe's debut album, back when he went by the name of "Fat Joe da Gangsta". It features production from The Beatnuts, Diamond D, Lord Finesse, Showbiz and Chilly Dee. It features guest rapping from Diamond D, Grand Puba, Apache, Kool G Rap, Gismo, Kieth Kieth and King Sun. It also features DJ scratches by Roc Raida and Rob Swift.

Track listing

# Title Producer(s) Performer (s)
1 "A Word to da Wise" *Interlude*
2 "Livin' Fat" Lord Finesse Fat Joe
3 "My Man Ski" *Interlude*
4 "Bad Bad Man" Diamond D Fat Joe
5 "Watch the Sound" Diamond D Diamond D, Fat Joe, Grand Puba
6 "Flow Joe" Diamond D Fat Joe
7 "Da Fat Gangsta" Diamond D Fat Joe
8 "Shorty Gotta Fat Ass" Diamond D Fat Joe
9 "The Shit Is Real" The Beatnuts Fat Joe
10 "You Must Be Out of Your Fuckin' Mind" Diamond D Apache, Fat Joe, Kool G Rap
11 "I Got This in a Smash" Showbiz Fat Joe
12 "Another Wild Nigger from the Bronx" Chilly Dee Fat Joe, Gismo, Kieth Kieth, King Sun
13 "Get on Up" Diamond D Fat Joe
14 "I'm a Hit That" Showbiz Fat Joe

Album singles

Single information
"Flow Joe"
"Watch the Sound"
  • Released: October 22, 1993
  • B-side: "Watch The Sound (The Beatnuts Remix)"
"The Shit Is Real"
  • Released: March 22, 1994
  • B-side: "The Shit Is Real (DJ Slip Remix)", "The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)"

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