Climate City Planet covered in dust clouds
Allegiance Reptilien Empire- Capital
Region Core Worlds
Size compared to earth 4 times the size of earth
Moons 2
Inhabitants Reptiliens


Reptilia's Pre-History is completely unknown. Who built the cities, power grids, and omega power cores are unknown. It’s believed before the cities were built it was a giant barren rock or asteroid. It's unknown if the life forms who built it origonated from the twin sister planet Flourisha.

Arrival of the Reptiliens

Around 1934 the Reptiliens had become technologically advanced life forms, In order to protect the forests of there home world Flourisha they built all the major mining and trading centers deep underground. Around this time they also started space travel to Flourisha moon. They had started building the Moon Colony Auks.

Suddenly everything changed. For the first time in history Flourisha’s orbit changed, though the climate stayed the same they were 2 days ahead of Reptilia. Both planets were in the same orbital path. Most importantly, the Reptiliens could travel to Reptilia easily.

Within a few years the Reptiliens Learned how to work the major power grids and omega power core s that were hidden inside the planet. It was in this time that the Reptiliens started inhabiting Reptilia. For some time things were a little off as the Reptiliens tried to learn more of the planets origin. But in the end they gave up on finding anything.

Reptilia Becomes stronger

From the 2000’s until the 2800’s Reptilia Became more powerful alongside the Reptiliens. Now the Reptiliens were building was ships and were warring with super nations who at the time were as powerful as they were. Soon the Reptilien Republic Was formed to help build up Reptilien’s way of life.

Nyx War and Federation Wars

In the First Nyx War, the Reptilen Republic lost several planets, But Reptilia Was left Un-scared from the war due to the war reaming outside the core worlds. This protected Reptilia from damage.

When the Federation Wars began however, Reptilia was one of the first planets attacked. It suffered heavy Damage, about 1/6th of the Planets population was destroyed. The War Soon came to an end with the collapse of the Reptilen Republic, and the Birth of the Reptilen Empire. Reptilia Was chosen for the New Capital.

The Second Nyx War

During the Second Nyx War Reptilia Was attacked a few times during the War, but every time the Nyx were driven back and out of the system. Reptilia became the only thing standing between The Nyx and the last of the humans working on Echo Earth. In the final hours of the War, the Nyx launched a major Attack from the Planet. They Crippled the Fleet and Took over almost half the population. But a few hours later, All the Nyx were wiped out by the Warp Wave activated by Echo Earth. Reptilia was Free, but it would take nearly 100 years to rebuild the city Planet.

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