Reptilien Empire
Form of Government Empire, nominal constitutional monarchy
Official language Basic
Capital Reptilea
Head of State Emperor
Supreme Commander Emperor, Supreme General
Head of Government Emperor
Executive Branch Governors Council
Legislative Branch Imperial Senate of Generals
Establishment 3127
Final dissolution {{{finaldissolution}}}
Reorganized into Alliance of Worlds
Currency Standard Credit

Forming and Early days

The Reptilen Empire was formed at the end of the federation wars. With the destruction of several small groups, The Reptilen Republic failed to take back systems that had been taken from them. Before the War, the Republic had control of 65% of the known galaxy, now they only had control of 48%. When the War ended a Reptilen Named Sh-almun the 5th reached out to Reptilien worlds under control of others besides Humans, He asked for a revolution. In response, over 10,000 worlds that were taken from the Republic were taken back.

With that the Imperial amendment 1st was born. Every Reptilen Senator from all over came to sign it, during which, an assassin killed Sh-almun the 5th, but the amendment was still signed, officially forming the Reptilen Empire, with that Sh-almun the 5th's son, Sh-almun the 6th became the first emperor of the Empire. At once, he began rebuilding the Crippled Reptilens. Reptilia was chosen for the New Capital.

The second Nyx War

During the second Nyx war, the Reptilen Empier lost most of thier Power.

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