Reptilien Wars is a ficaonal story set around 3900 A.D. Reptilien Wars was Created By Jareth Michel Wolfgang Boyer.

What is Reptilien Wars

Reptilien Wars takes place nearly 2000 years in the Future, After the complete wipe out of the human race, thousands of alien species are left to struggle for them self's among others in the galaxy, During this struggle A war Brakes out Between two groups.

One is Reptilien Empire, who were at the time the most powerful beings in the galaxy. The other is the Axis Confederacy, which was made of 8 major groups. The War goes on for 12 years. During that time, The Reptilien Empire becomes corrupted forcing thousands of Reptilians to flee.

The result is the formation of the Reptilien Alliance, a group who also tries to bring down the empire, but for peace not money. The end result of this conflict could leave the galaxy is the hands of a ruling dictator, a Money hungry grope of leaders, or a democratic Alliance


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